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Modern Mehndi-inspired Bridal Shower: Styling a Fab Party!

Styling a Mehndi Bridal Shower Party

Have you always been fascinated by those intricate designs on the hands of women in South Asian countries like India and Pakistan? Well, how fabulous would it be to use these markings made with henna paste (called “mehndi”) as inspiration for a modern bridal shower! Set against a striking palette of fuchsia, orange and turquoise and amidst glittery beadwork, silky fabrics and ornate patterns, the total effect is breathtaking. See what decorative elements you can bring together to create this sure-to-be-remembered theme for your bridal shower!

Mehndi Goes Modern as a Breathtaking Bridal Shower Theme

Modern Mehndi-inspired Bridal Shower Featured Ideas

Talk about a visual overload, but definitely in a good way! The key is to keep within the color palette of hot pink, orange and turquoise highlighted with gold.

Apply the festive palette from the start through bridal shower invitations (4) that are modern but clearly mehndi-inspired. Guests are sure to be intrigued!

Confirm their expectations with an actual henna-painting station at the shower party, so that every lady has fabulous mehndi hand art (1) to show off! (You can search for such a service in your area to come to your event.)

Continue the same signature colors in the shower decor—from a stunning tablescape (2) laid with ornately embellished linens, chargers, glassware and vases; to glistening gold trays holding brass lanterns and tea lights (7).

For the bridal shower cake (8), why not go for a modern look with intricate multi-colored patterns piped onto a white fondant background. Very pretty! And in keeping with the theme, mehndi-inspired spice cookies (6) would make the perfect sweet treats to serve.

To give these mehndi cookies as favors, package them in woven boxes in vibrant fabric wraps (5) in fuchsia, orange and aqua. While miniature silk elephants (3) adorned with sun umbrellas, bells, and gold braids hanging from beaded cords would make extra-special mementos of this occasion that double as pretty decorations you can hang!

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What to Serve at an Indian Bridal Shower

Of course, your bridal shower menu should feature well-loved Indian dishes, too!

So consider serving the famed Chicken Tikka Masala, grilled chunks of chicken in a creamy tomato sauce spiced with paprika (or cayenne for an added kick!). Here’s a great recipe from Epicurious.

Another must-have are samosas, those flaky-crusted pies filled with a basic peas-and-potatoes filling—sometimes sweetened with raisins or given a bit of crunch with cashews. See how to make them via Veg Recipes of India.

On the side, serve the oven-baked flat bread called naan, the perfect complement to flavorful and spicy Indian cuisine. See the basic recipe from Food Network.

And for drinks, have piping hot chai tea made from a boiled spice blend (fennel seed, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon sticks, ginger root, peppercorns). Food Network has this helpful how-to you can follow.

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