Nostalgic Snacks for a His-and-Hers Snack Station

Snacks for him and her ideas

We’re all heard of his-and-hers drinks bars at a wedding event. But what about a His-and-Hers Snack Station with a nostalgic twist? Wouldn’t that be a blast for a rehearsal dinner or engagement party with a retro or throwback theme? You could bring back fond memories with your favorite childhood snacks and treats that guests would love, too. To help you source those special goodies, see our separate selections for him and for her. Enjoy!

Snacks for Her: Nostalgic Treats for a Retro Theme

Remember these? Some you can still find on today’s supermarket shelves. But if you’d like to find those in the original packaging design, you can try the links we gathered for you.

Nostalgic wedding snacks for her. Plan a fun his and hers snack station!

1 – Cracker Jack® Original Caramel Coated Peanuts and Popcorn from Frito Lay®

2 – Barnum’s® Animal Crackers available at  Amazon

3 – Herr’s® Baked Cheese Curls by Herr’s®

4 – Reese’s Pieces® available at Walgreens

5 – Rold Gold® Tiny Twists Pretzels from  Frito Lay®

6 – Mighty Malts® Malted Milk Balls by Necco

Snacks for Him: Faves for a Retro Theme

Now, these are sure to bring back boyhood memories! Click on the links in case you can’t find some at a store near you.

Nostalgic wedding snacks for him. Plan a fun his and hers snack station!

1 – Chex Mix™ – Jalapeño Cheddar from

2 – Country Archer® Beef Jerky by Country Archer®

3 – Funnyuns® – Onion Flavored Rings from Frito Lay®

4 – Raisinets® available at Candy Warehouse

5 – Andy Capp’s™ Hot Fries availalbe at Amazon

6 – York® Peppermint Patties from Old Time

Now, for some quick and easy tips to make your snack station extra fun!

  • – Set up separate tables for ‘his snacks’ and ‘her snacks,’ and decorate them slightly differently. Maybe using colors, overhead banners, or distinct backdrops.
  • – For snacks that can be served loose (without getting un-crispy!), set them out in bowls, mason jars, or any retro/vintage containers you can find. Then provide scoops for guests to serve themselves.
  • – Witty signage and labels for each snack would be great! Maybe some trivia about why certain snacks are your faves or have a special meaning for each of you.
  • – For take-home favors, provide little brown paper bags or kraft boxes for guests to take their pick from the treats on display. And add a tag on each, saying “Thanks for sharing the yummy memories!”
  • – Incorporate a fun theme to your snack stations like “movie night” based on your favorite movie snacks!

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