How to Plan a Dia de los Muertos Bridal Shower

Dia le los muertos bridal shower

For a bridal shower with a fun, cultural twist, the Day of the Dead presents a unique opportunity to celebrate those who have passed away in a jubilant and festive manner. This theme is the perfect excuse to bring out your playful side! Make no mistake: it is not a Mexican themed Halloween party as commonly misunderstood. With its origins dating back to the Aztec civilization, let this holiday be the backdrop of an unconventional celebration (*this post contains affiliate links)!

Day of the Dead Wedding Shower Table and Party Décor

Think of table decorations in fiesta-inspired hues of yellow, aqua, red, green, pink, and purple. There is a lot of symbolism behind the decor. Some key elements to use as decorations may include:

Marigolds – use real, artificial, or paper ones to decorate an altar and table centerpieces.
These flowers are believed to guide the dead spirits to the living world during this holiday with their vibrant color and scent.

Calaveras – these are decorative skulls often made of sugar, which are decorated with colorful icing, including beads and sequins. They are also available in colorful ceramics serving as flower holders. These skulls were originally meant for decorating ofrendas or the altars of the deceased.

Papel Picado – these colorful paper banners come in multiple colors, which can be hung on a mantle or as a dessert backdrop.

Use candles throughout the table centerpieces. Lay out a colorful serape tablecloth. Assemble the table with Mexican ceramic dinnerware.

What to Serve as Food and Drinks

When considering what to serve, there is no shortage of options! Incorporate a traditional fare of pan de muerto (Day of the Dead bread), tamales, and tortilla soup, but don’t hesitate to personalize the food with your favorite bites like empanadas, tacos, and enchiladas.  Consider a variety of warm and cold refreshments such as Mexican beer, hot chocolate, Kahlua coffee, and Mexican punch.

Sweets for Day of the Dead

Sugar skulls may be prevalent during this holiday, but they are actually not eaten. Rather, they serve as offerings to a departed soul. Consider skull-shaped treats instead made of chocolate. Some authentic options include: candied pumpkin, caramel flan, and churros. A skull-shaped bridal shower cake would certainly be a surprise as you will see below!

Party Activities and Games
Dia le los muertos scratch off game cards

Make the party totally fun with face painting stations, costume photo booths, and sugar skull decorating stations. Host some games like bingo, scratch off cards*, and pin the skull. We did say this is a fiesta so complete this celebration with a piñata*! Include prizes for guests like adult coloring books, tequila shot glasses, key chains, and coffee mugs (*available via Amazon ).

Day of the Dead Party Favors

Dia le los muertos party favors

Give guests a goodie bag filled with all sorts of goodies: cork coasters, chocolate bars, skull candies in tins, and pens that are all available via Amazon.

What to Wear as Costumes

Dia le los muertos costumes
Get creative with a fancy Day of the Dead outfit (available on Amazon). Alternatively, borrow a ruffled or embroidered dress from your abuela. Make the look dramatic by wearing a black veil with a floral headdress. Lastly, apply a temporary face tattoo rendered in the spirit of the theme.

See the Party Come Together as Your Inspiration!

Day of the dead bridal shower ideas and inspiration

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