Retro-themed “1950s Housewife” Bridal Shower: Decor and Food Ideas!

Retro bridal shower

Looking for a bridal shower theme with a fun spin to it? Why not a Retro 1950s Housewife theme! It’s such an iconic time to look back to, with its distinct decor style and throwback recipes. Take a look at these ideas we gathered from the web, and you’ll see what a blast (from the past) you’ll have pulling this pre-wedding party together!

Decor & Recipe Ideas for a 1950s Housewife Theme

Decor and Recipe Ideas for a 1950s Housewife Theme. #retrobridalshowers

Color palette – For some reason, aqua and red just seem to capture that retro vibe for a party. Although black and white (think ‘checkerboard’ floors!) with red are also popular.

But whatever palette you choose, apply it throughout the party elements to create that pulled-together look. See how this is done using diner-inspired decorations (2) and the place settings on your party table (3).

Invitations, party signs, food labels, favor tags – With that unmistakable 1950s graphic style, paper products for a retro theme are such fun to source or to DIY! Think invitations (1) featuring housewives in those full skirts and ruffly aprons, all the way to cupcake toppers (4) with more of those iconic ladies.

Retro recipes – Just as fun as the decor are the appetizers and desserts that are “so ‘50s”! Pies (5) of all kinds, canapes, molded desserts, one-dish casseroles. Give guests a taste with recipes like these we found, or discover many more online:

Ritz Crackers – toppings

Arctic Roll (ice cream roll)

Deviled Eggs

Sequin Salad Jell-o

Chicken a la King in Patty Shells

Throwback Favor Ideas – Wooden spoons trimmed with chic tags (6) make the perfect take-home gifts for this theme, or adorable cookies (7) decorated like 1950s lipsticks and makeup mirrors!

Click on these links for the product sources and the full posts with more fabulous retro ideas:

1 – Paper Magic / 2 – Rent My Wedding / 3 – Kilps Family / 4 – Amy Lynn Meow / 5 – Life Made Lovely / 6 – Robin Cain Photography / 7 – Flour Box Bakery

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