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Say “Cheers!” With Party-Pretty Glasses & Goblets

Glass decorating ideas

Whether for wine, water, juice or sodas, glasses and goblets often go unnoticed on a wedding event table. And they’re almost never thought of as table decor. We’d like to challenge that! For your own wedding rehearsal dinner, for instance, we invite you to choose from among our creative glass adornments that follow. You’re sure to see the decorating possibilities for taking glassware from ho-hum to “How lovely” to “Hey!” Here are ideas you can certainly raise a glass to.

Add an Unexpected Surprise!

Oops! What’s that in my glass? Make guests take a second look with something as simple as a pompom of brightly-colored straw. Or entice them with a dainty floral pouch hiding a treat, paired with a cheery fruit-shaped place card. The secret here is to make the choice of color and material suit your party theme. Then, devise a clever placement for your glass decorations in keeping with the occasion’s mood—playfully dropped inside or perched on the rim, as in our Mexican and Caribbean-inspired settings shown above.

Make Creative Use of Table Napkins

Bring an artful touch to your wine glasses by creatively combining a table napkin with another fabric. If you’re planning a stylish luau dinner, for instance, see how lovely yellow “blooms” encased in olive-green organza transform stemmed flutes into mini floral arrangements. Or for a tea-party style rehearsal, echo the feminine feel of the setting with a pretty pink napkin tucked into a lace hanky. For more ideas, read “Become a Table Napkin Artist.”

To have guest favors that double as glass decor, simply fill colored wrapping tissue with some candy, wrap it in a fabric circle, and pop it into the glass at each place setting.

Create Jewelry for Your Glasses

The stems of wine glasses and juice goblets are just waiting to be dressed up. And what prettier way is there to do this than with “glass charms”? To plan the perfect accent, take inspiration from the ambiance of your party and the drinks to be served. It can go from the genteel refinement of a jeweled brooch held in place with a satin ribbon, to the fun-filled verve of multi-colored beads looped around the glass stem. As a parting treat, tell guests these trinkets are theirs to take home!

Other original ways to decorate glasses:

– Make a “collar” of ruffled lace or tulle to sit right beneath the bowl of the wine glasses at a Victorian or vintage-inspired wedding party.

– Tie a single orchid, gerbera daisy head, or a sprig of lavender to the base of each glass with a ribbon.

– Balance a glass or crystal coaster on the glass’ rim and set out Jordan almonds, mini cookies, or other treats suited to your part theme; or even a tiny tealight to welcome the guests to their tables!

– Garnish the rim of the glass with a cookie like a Fortune cookie or cracker. See “Fun Ideas for Planning an East Asian-inspired Bridal Shower” for an example.

If you have your own great glass decoration ideas, do let us know about them!


  1. indeed , the potential of glasses and other drinking vessels is underestimated . i like the pineapple card “garnish” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i have been looking all over the web for ideas for a centerpiece for ladies luncheon, your site has given me many ideas to think about. we have no budget(!!) as this is fund raising project. do you have any more creative ideas up your sleeve? we are arts and crafts people, so dont hesitate to suggest ! thanks again!!! donna

  3. Happy Sunday! Hope you’re having a FABULOUS weekend–just wanted to swing by and give you a huge “Thank you!” for linking up at Bewitchin Projects last week–and we’ve already got the party started again today, so be sure to come link up again here: http://www.ourminifamily.com/2014/08/bewitchin-projects-block-party-week-5.html

    ~Cathy Mini~

  4. So sweet of you to stop by, Cathy! We’ll definitely be linking up at Bewitchin Projects again soon. Thanks and see you there!

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