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Special Details for a Lovely Garden Wedding Ceremony

Garden ceremony ideas

A garden wedding ceremony is always lovely. Make yours even more meaningful with truly personal and memorable details. After all, it’s the most important day of your life! It’s only fitting to incorporate something extraordinary, regardless of how small or how grand the event will be. Whether you’ll be having an intimate gathering of just eight people or an elaborate to-do with 200 guests, let these special ideas inspire you to say “I do” in the most memorable way in the midst of a beautiful garden setting.

Bring a Thematic Element into the Ceremony

For a themed wedding inspired by a garden setting, a wonderful way to make it more personal is to infuse thematic elements into the ceremony. Here are three elements you can consider:

1.Something Special to Hold the Rings – Flowers are certain to be prominent in a romantic garden ceremony. Continue this floral look with a whimsical magnolia-shaped pillow to hold your rings. This is ideal when you have a very small entourage (e.g., flower girl and ringbearer only), yet want to include an extra-special detail with a major “awe” factor. The pillow can later be kept as an heirloom or displayed in your living room.

2.Welcome Guests in a Stylish Way – A welcome sign is a gracious gesture as guests arrive for the ceremony. For a garden wedding, give your frame a creative twist by using pressed flowers together with a pretty cursive font. If space permits, use a large frame that can stand on an easel at the venue entrance. The sign could simply say “Welcome to Our Wedding” or it could hold a more personal message like “Ethan and Audrey’s Wedding” followed by the date and location of the ceremony. What a treasured wedding memento this could then be—perhaps even displayed at home as a gentle reminder of your wedding anniversary should somebody forget the date!

3.Walk Down the Aisle in a Personal Fashion – Inspired by the garden setting of your ceremony, why not prepare an aisle runner designed with pretty floral embroidery surrounding your monograms? You could then have loose petals in the colors of your wedding motif scattered on top of this runner to line the path of the entourage. Back at home, you can reuse this fabric to line a formal buffet table when you entertain, or as a curtain or dresser valance in your bedroom.

Express Vows That Are Truly Yours

Personalized vows definitely make a wedding ceremony poignant and memorable. But it is how you personalize them that matters most. Whether you’ve been with someone for a year or ten years, recall a significant moment or a special event that you’ve shared. It could be a happy or even a challenging time. It could be the first time you met, or a project that you may have worked on together. Reminisce briefly about that time and share how it reaffirmed your feelings that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. The goal is to make your vows sincere, meaningful, and truly your own. So speak from the heart. Hint: Be sure to have some tissue packs handy!

Have a Unique Ring Blessing

“The rings, please.” In a traditional wedding ceremony, this is the point when the ringbearer or best man passes the rings to the couple. Such a meaningful moment. Why not turn it into another personal rite for the two of you?

We call it the “blessing of the rings.” Before you and your spouse slip the rings on, the ringbearer passes the ring pillow to key members of the wedding party (e.g., both sets of parents, the maid of honor, and the best man). They each take the pillow and touch the rings—signifying their blessings of love, happiness, and success for you in your life together. See how special this can be! Hint: Be sure that your photographer captures this significant moment. It symbolizes the good wishes of all at the ceremony…plus Mom’s and Dad’s approval!

Plan an Ultra-romantic Wedding Toss

Once the wedding vows have been exchanged and you’ve said your “I Do’s”, then comes the beautiful send off! While wedding rice or birdseed is commonly used for the final wedding toss, why not opt for biodegradable confetti made of loose petals and leaves? It’s not only eco-friendly and romantic, it’s also fittingly floral for a garden wedding. Even better, you can present these petals to double as guest favors. How? Place them in lovely embroidered sachets, each finished with a pretty tag saying, “Toss these petals with your best wishes. Keep the sachet with our warmest thanks!”

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