Spring Bridal Shower Tea Party Menu: Sandwiches to Sweets

Spring may be quite crazy this year where you are. Not exactly the sweet season we all know and love. But if there’s a wedding coming up in your family or close circle of friends, then by all means delight the lovely bride with a cozy, charming indoor gathering—no matter the weather outside. The perfect plan? A spring bridal shower tea party!

Once you’ve got the spring color palette and the pretty floral party basics all set, up next is what to serve. A tea party wouldn’t be a tea party without those dainty little sandwiches and sweet treats, right? But why not go beyond the traditional tea party fare with interesting recipes like these ones we found. Almost too pretty to eat and scrumptious, too! But all doable. Just follow these great recipes!

6 Tea Sandwiches to Serve

More than just your usual English cucumber sandwiches, impress your bridal shower tea party guests with these bite-size beauties!

Scrumptious tea sandwiches for a spring tea bridal shower

1 – French afternoon tea sandwiches – recipe from Tea With Mum

Based on traditional French salads and fillings, 2 of the recipes in this post are Ham and Cheese Croissants brushed with a mixture of mustard, maple syrup and brown sugar and baked in the oven; and open-faced Tartines with soft goat’s cheese and walnuts in caramelized sugar and honey topped on baguette slices.

2 – French toast tea sandwiches – recipe from McCormick

Sprinkled with a vanilla cinnamon sugar and spice blend, stuffed with vanilla cream cheese and your favorite jam or spread, then cooked till nice and toasty in a griddle.

3 – Spring tea sandwiches with flower herb cheese – recipe from Home is Where the Boat Is

Pillow-soft bread filled with seedless cucumber and radishes sliced thin and a creamy cheese mix with herbs and edible flowers. More flowers on top for the prettiest garnish!

4 – Butterfly-shaped tea sandwiches – recipe from An Alli Event

Even more prettiness! Bread slices shaped with a butterfly cookie cutter then filled with a cream cheese mixture, and topped with half-slices of pickled cucumber as “wings” and olives for the “body.”

5 – Smoked salmon tea sandwiches – recipe from Gerard & Dominique Seafoods

Instead of bread, tortillas are used to delicately layer salmon slices and a cream cheese mixture with chopped fresh dill.

6 – Japanese rolled omelette sandwich – recipe from Gem Framboise

Eggs cooked Tamagoyaki style in thin, even rolls, then placed in tiny squares of white bread spread with spicy mayo, then garnished with a dash of paprika and a pinch of dried seaweed. Don’t worry, there’s a tutorial video to guide you!

6 Tea Party Treats

tea party goodies to complete your bridal shower menu.

Yummy sweets for a bridal shower tea party

1 – Lingue di Gatto – recipe from An Italian in My Kitchen

Inspired by an Italian favorite, these delicate cookies are crispy and buttery—and quaintly named for their shape, “cat’s tongue.” Delicious with a hot cup of tea!

2 – Cream wafers – recipe from Land O’ Lakes

Sandwiched between sweet wafer cookies is a cream filling that you can tint in pastel colors for this special occasion.

3 – Easy petit fours – recipe from Imperial Sugar

Tiny cake cubes with a jam or frosting filling, draped in poured icing tinted in whatever color you please.

4 – Mini eclairs with colored icing – recipe from Real Food Tesco

Light choux pastry filled with whipped cream and topped with sweet, colorful icing. The petite size is ideal for serving at a tea party.

5 – Cream puffs on berries – recipe from Horizon

The recipe shows you how to make these light cream-filled balls. But we like the idea of contrasting their sweetness with tart blueberries and strawberries. Party pretty, too!

6 – Earl Grey tea cookies – recipe from A Spicy Perspective

This American version of the classic British “tea cake” is more like a soft, puffy cookie. Earl Grey tea in the dough, plus a lemon glaze on top are fancy touches for your tea party shower.

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