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Stir Up a Gourmet Cooking Bridal Shower Party

Kitchen themed shower with pots and utensils

Parties with a cooking or baking theme are not new. But what fun it would be to tweak the concept a bit for your bridal shower by focusing on gourmet cuisine. Guests will be thrilled to try out recipes they haven’t prepared before. And even the non-cooks in the group can get in on the fun! Our ideas below should help you get started to planning a truly memorable event from picking the decorations to giving the perfect gifts to take home!

Setting the Scene for the Party Concept

Kitchen scene for bridal shower with recipes

  1. Arrange to have someone’s spacious home kitchen as the bridal shower party venue.
  2. Decide on a type of gourmet cuisine that would be fascinating to learn how to prepare, and research on recipes in your favorite cookbooks or online.
  3. Have the needed ingredients on hand on the day of the party.
  4. As the guests arrive, hand out aprons labeled with their names.
  5. Then, chop, mince, slice, grate, mix, boil, grill, and bake away!
  6. Finally, sit down to enjoy the fabulous meal together.

Practical Ways to Decorate the Tables

Table decorations for bridal shower

  1. Have the cooking ingredients themselves serve as decorations in the party kitchen. Play up their striking colors, different shapes, and interesting textures.
  2. Set these out in colorful bowls, dishes, and canisters with coordinated utensils and kitchen tools.
  3. Once the cooking is done, serve the finished dishes on stylish serving platters and trays.

Plan a Fun and Easy Party Menu

Spaghetti cooking in pan with breads

  1. Pasta bars set up with a variety of pasta sauces such as marinara, alfredo, and pesto. Guests can help cook up something in the kitchen using any of these sauces, if you provide some pre-cut ingredients like chicken, shrimp, and scallops. You may also want to include a variety of herb-infused olive oil.
  2. Soup stations where guests can serve themselves to a nice bowl of corn chowder, tomato bisque, or squash soup. You may also want to have a big bowl of salad on the side with different kinds of dressings!
  3. Make your own panini sandwiches! Try setting up a panini maker on a table filled with an array of breads, cheeses, and deli meats.
  4. Set up a wine bar on a table with a variety of red and white wines, including sparkling coolers.
  5. And of course, you may want to have an indoor hibachi grill perfect for guests to cook up their own meats and vegetables.

Give Party Favors with a Cooking Theme

Herb-infused favors oregano and dill

  1. Print out recipe cards of the dishes to be prepared at the party, then give them as gift packs tied with pretty ribbon.
  2. Give pots of fresh herb plants, like dill, rosemary, oregano, basil, and mint presented in colorful fabrics matching your bridal shower palette.
  3. Roll a trio of cooking utensils up in a pretty dish towel, and finish with a colorful bow.
  4. And of course, the aprons are the guests’ to take home and use!


  1. Oh this sounds like fun, I would totally be into a bridal party like this 🙂

  2. Hi Linda! Yes, we figured the gourmet angle to this would make a nice difference from the usual cooking-themed parties we know. 🙂

  3. I love the wine labels so much! I am a SUCKER for wine labels!

  4. Hi HiLLjO! Glad you liked the wine labels. Yes, the ones shown here are handmade…and we have a DIY tutorial for them somewhere. Must get that published soon!

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