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Tiny Decor Elements Bring Glitter and Bling to the Party Table!

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These little details often go unnoticed. They are tiny decor elements that add sparkle or shimmer to a wedding party table, or even bring some bling or a touch of whimsy to smaller events like a bridal shower. But the truth is, who ever says, “Wow, what pretty sequins”? Or “I really like these glass marbles”? Often overlooked, it’s actually these little elements that give a table display that extra level of detail—the flair that makes it all come together.

The great news is that many of these embellishments cost next to nothing. Plus, they can be bought at craft stores or even at home décor/improvement outlets. So are you ready to decorate your table like a pro? See our ideas below for using tiny table decor elements that make a big difference!

Some Examples Of What You Can Use

Add sparkle – Highlight the occasion’s color motif or ambiance with glass marbles or crystals laid around the table centerpiece or amidst the place settings. The green glass marbles (above) spread out by a white candle set on a mirrored plate, for example, echo the garden setting of a bridal shower, while the clear glass crystals mimic water droplets or ice cubes for a cool, fresh feel. For a full view of these details in action, see our article Cause a Stir With Gerbera Daisies at a Bridal Shower Tea Party.

Bring in some glitter – If it’s an opulent, exotic look you’re aiming for, a bed of crushed crystals can be used as a base for a votive candle holder—reflecting its glow in a color taken from your party’s motif. Glittery sequins and flat-based crystals in rich jewel tones can be scattered around the place settings to mimic precious gems. For a setting that shows these elements in use, visit our article For a Magical Engagement Party, Make It a Moroccan Theme.

Sprinkle in some sweetness and color – Convey a sense of tradition with Jordan almonds matching your event décor or infuse a playful feel with yummy favorites like marshmallows, jelly beans, or gum balls. Simply spread a handful on each place setting or around the centerpiece. Or present them in a tiny favor basket set atop each guest’s place setting. You can also try confetti! Say festive with tiny, multi-colored paper confetti you’ve made yourself, or use the store-bought kind pre-cut into fun shapes to match your event theme. Intersperse it all over the table display.

Other Tiny Decor Elements You Can Use:

Baking sprinkles – Even your food items can be decorated with edible embellishments. Think little candy sprinkles (in your choice of color and flavor, including chocolate), colored sugar, silver or gold dragees, tiny edible pearls, and baking “confetti” in the shape of hearts, butterflies, or doves that can adorn the base of your bridal shower cake or be sprinkled atop frosted cupcakes and cookies.

Metallic beads in gold or silver – Add an air of glamor and sophistication to a summer evening wedding event, by sprinkling gold or silver beads amidst the table display. Then, using the tiny, edible versions of these beads, you can even decorate some mini pastries to match the table decor.

Acrylic beads in multiple colors – Use these to capture the colors of your event motif. They are perfect as décor elements set around your bridal shower cake or scattered on the favor presentation table.


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    how about feathers? bamboo sticks? flower petals ? dried maple leaves? sand? the list is endless! great article ! gets the ol grey cells workin

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Those are great tips!

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