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Tree Planting Ceremony: What to Consider for Your Special Day?

Planting ceremony

A tree planting ceremony serves as a memorable and unique alternative to the traditional lighting of the unity candle. If you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty on your special day, then why not consider planting a tree. You not only end up with something beautiful, but also something that can be treasured for a lifetime! Think of a tree planting ceremony as your way of tying the knot in an eco-chic way, too.

A Tree Planting Ceremony for Summer!

 Tree Planting Ceremony for Summer!

Tips on What to Consider

  1. What kind of tree would you and your fiancé want to plant?
  2. How do you want to carry out the ceremony?
  3. What kind of container to use for the planting?
  4. Do you want to add any personalized elements like the name of the bride and groom?
  5. What supplies will you need for the planting ceremony?

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