Tricks and Treats for a Hip Halloween-themed Bridal Shower

Halloween-themed Bridal Shower

Halloween goes all grown-up at this chic and stylish bridal shower party! To create this sleek, modern vibe, set a dramatic color palette that’s just this side of spooky. Then, lay out artful decorative accents that are so cleverly crafted, guests will be oohing and aahing at your creativity. And with edibles-as-decor-elements, you’d be amazed yourself at how budget-friendly the entire table display actually is. Want to know our scary little secrets? Read on! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Decorate Eerily Elegant Bridal Shower Tables

Marshmallow Halloween table centerpieces with candles


Paint the entire scene in stark black and white, softened only by the glow of white pillar candles set on jeweled candle coasters. Then, bring in just a hint of orange here and there. Some great ideas? Edibles such as miniature pumpkins, orange beverages or cocktails, and appetizers made of smoked salmon. Such stylish and subtle ways to achieve that Halloween-is-for-adults-too look!


Again, edible elements make a striking statement. We created truly innovative centerpieces using marshmallow “blooms” on wire skewers, mysterious-looking foliage made from black paper cut-outs, and sleek black table mats as display trays. For an added touch of drama, you can even incorporate black feathers in the centerpieces—reminiscent of ravens and crows.


Here, the sleek, minimalist look continues. Crisp white dinnerware and clear glassware are paired with black table napkins and modern, square coasters. Then, for an unexpected touch of whimsy, we crafted napkin rings out of that traditional Halloween treat, popcorn!

Instead of popcorn, you can also string together black and orange jelly beans, taffy, or soft candy corn to form napkin rings. And as scary place card holders, buy fake hands or eyeballs at a novelty shop and position these by each guest’s plate; or craft a spider accent for the menu cards. If you prefer something less graphic, create little black witch hats instead!


Even the glasses get some spooky spiffing up. Here, we’ve tied little organza ribbons in black to the stem of each wine glass. You can make it even “spookier” by placing little black pompoms with tiny wire legs inside the glasses to mimic creepy crawly creatures such as black widows.


Who would have thought a plain white tablecloth could take on such an interesting spin? We fashioned a scary “cobweb” look by simply laying narrow satin ribbons in a random criss-cross fashion over the entire table. Then we inserted Ritz® cookies—edibles again!—amidst the ribbons to break the monotony of black and white, and bring in that fun element of surprise.

White tablecloth with black ribbons

More decorating ideas from our other Halloween-themed posts:

Witch's caludron for a Halloween bridal shower

“Hip Halloween” Party Favors

A Halloween theme for a bridal shower has a lot to do with recapturing the nostalgic feel of this occasion. So for party favors, think of creating goody bags for grownups that are filled with favorite childhood treats, such as caramel popcorn, candied fruits, and chocolate truffles. Simply bundle up the fillings in fabric wraps, and they’re ready to pop into the bag!


See the goody tote and treats we’ve found for you BELOW.


1 – Canvas Tote Witch, Trick or Treat – via Amazon

2 – Bulk Sleep Masks – via Dollar Tree

3 – Witch Better Have My Candy Black Mug – via Amazon

4 – Lindt LINDOR Chocolate Truffles – via Amazon

5 – Halloween “Hello Pumpqueen” Eyeshadow Palette (6 colors with shadow tip) – via Amazon

6 – Ariel Bombshell Nail Polish (in Planetary Turquoise Glitter) – via Julep


Looking for more Halloween party favor inspiration?

You could opt for edible favors like caramel apples, popcorn, or candy corn and present them elegantly at each guest’s place setting. Simply enclose them in cello wrap, then bundle them up in colorful fabric circles or place them in petite silver favor baskets

Thinking of themed favors on a budget? We have a roundup of easy and affordable DIY ideas your bridal shower guests will love!

What to Wear to a Halloween Bridal Shower

Although costumes are a big part of Halloween, there’s no need to require a costume dress code. After all, this is a grown up party. For this bridal shower, the ladies can come dressed in sleek black dresses with chic accessories in a Halloween hue such as an orange silk shawl or an elegant silk shantung purse.

If you want a real fun time, though, encourage guests to come dressed in a retro era style like the ‘80s. Or as any character they wish—in costumes like these playful finds below!


1 – Women’s Snow White Costume – via Amazon

2 – Women’s Native American Costume – via Amazon

3 – Star Wars Princess Leia Costume – via Amazon

4 – Gold Coast Socialite Costume – via Amazon

5 – Spanish Lady Costume – via Amazon

Halloween Bridal Shower Invitations

In keeping with the affordability angle of this party, make DIY invitations featuring whimsical cutouts of witches’ hats, pumpkins, or black cats. You can also go the eco-friendly way by sending out electronic invitations.

Or just as easy while being perfectly in theme, choose from ready-made invites like these!


1 – Vampire Bridal Shower Halloween Party Invitation – via Purple Trail

2 – Chalkboard Vintage Frame Halloween Party Invitation – via Purple Trail

3 – Halloween Witch Theme Bridal Shower Invitation – via Zazzle

4 – Halloween Couples Wedding Shower Invitation – via Zazzle

5 – Creepy Cobwebs Halloween Invitation – via Shutterfly

Serve Chilling Halloween Brews

Serve your bridal shower guests a variety of cocktails that are specially made with an eerie twist or presented in spookily stunning ways!

Think cool and creepy concoctions such as caramel martinis, candy corn cocktails, and Bloody Mary’s. Or for non-alcoholic beverages, even orange-colored soda pop or fresh orange juice can make hip drinks served up in tall iced glasses.

You can even create your own witches’ brew with green soda and syrup—or follow these creative recipes for Halloween witches’ brew, punch, and cocktails!


1 – Halloween Witches’ Brew – from Very Culinary

2 – Poison Apple Cocktail – from HGTV

3 – Witches’ Brew – from Li’l Luna

4 – Witch’s Brew Cocktail – from Recipe Diaries

5- Skinny Mini Halloween Cocktail: Spooky Witches’ Brew – from Hustle and Halcyon

Where to buy the needed green apple syrup for many of these Halloween cocktails? Check out these products from Amazon.

1 – Torani Green Apple Syrup

2 – Jones Soda Green Apple (12 oz. bottles, 12 pack)

3 – Monin Granny Smith Apple Syrup

Guest Book Ideas: Ghosts to Goblins

Instead of a traditional bridal shower guest book, have a wall-mounted canvas painted with Halloween-themed images from ghosts to goblins. Then guests can sign their names or write messages on this “artwork” and you can keep the completed masterpiece as a memento of this fun bridal shower. You can even make it part of your annual October home decor, as a sweet and spooky reminder of your Halloween-time wedding.


Another DIY option would be to craft a “witch’s cauldron” Halloween guest book for the ladies to drop their wishes and messages into, while it also serves as part of the spooky decor!

Halloween-themed Bridal Shower Activities

The bridal shower games and activities are another tantalizing element to plan “in theme.” You could go for a Halloween Glam Makeover Station where everyone gets to gather round and try out some beauty looks for the wedding—or just have fun goofing around with some ghoulish makeup effects.


You could also opt to have the ladies make DIY Halloween crafts with glitter or with balloons that they can then take home both as party mementos and to decorate their homes.

Sweetly Spooky Halloween Treats

Cake Bites

Miniature shaped cakes are the perfect way to surprise guests in a sweet way. Think of amusing themed designs such as pumpkins, black cats, or whimsical monsters. Stack them up into a towering centerpiece to grace the dessert table at your shower.

Candy Corn-inspired Desserts

Candy corn desserts

You could also get creative with this classic Halloween treat, and come up with inventive candy corn desserts that are as decorative as they are yummy!

Candy Table

Halloween candy table with colorful snacks and candies

Since Halloween trick-or-treating is all about candy, a sweets station is an easy addition to the bridal shower setup. Just follow our “easiest candy table setup ever”!

Plus, we also have inspiration and tips for you to assemble a Halloween dessert table with treats beyond just candies.

Halloween dessert table ideas

And finally, here is our own take on a Spooktacular Sweets Table. It’s surprisingly easy and affordable, too, because we used store-bought baked goods, candies, and treats—then presented them in varied containers for a fancy party spread!

Halloween bridal shower snacks table

With all this inspiration, ideas, recipes, and product finds, you can definitely capture this chic Halloween look at your own bridal shower!

Got a spooky yet elegant idea to make Halloween extra eerily special? Share it with other brides!

Halloween favors like candy corn


  1. so fabulous!

  2. Wonderful idea! I think a gothic theme would also be just as nice for a Halloween themed bridal shower. You can make the color palette in black and lime green with red accents. Apply black lace and velvet touches everywhere for a classy and spooky look. 🙂

  3. I love this idea. Do you have any suggestions for some invitations that I can make? I don’t want to spend a lot of money on these items.

    Thank you.

    Happy Halloweeeeen!

  4. Here are some fun DIY Halloween invitation ideas:

    Bewitching Invitation

    Pumpkin Pop-Up Card

    Tin of Bones Halloween Invitation

    Happy Hallowcrafting! Many of these ideas are fun and easy to do, so

  5. I love this concept! The marshmallows remind of a smore’s themed Halloween party I attended during my childhood days. Now that I’m all grown up, we’re having a bloody “Marry” themed shower for my sister who will be getting married this November.

    The theme will feature crimson roses (her fav flowers) bunched like broomsticks as the centerpieces. For the decor, it will be a red and black color combo filled with items such as silver goblets, acrylic table chargers, and vintage-china everywhere. The look is kind of gothic meets modern day life. We’re also servign up the reddest cocktail drinks, including some French red wines.

    It should be fun! I’m so psyched!!!

  6. Hellooo!! Your ideas are amazing for a black and white theme and sooo original!! If you have more black and white decoration ideas, can you pls update me?? 😛 Also I have a small query about the table decoration.. You fashioned the white tablecloth by simply laying the narrow satin ribbons. How did you do ti? How was it like? I mean the ribbons just fall over or they are attached with the tablecloth?

  7. I would LOVE to go to a party like this, especially wearing a black dress instead of a costume, like you suggested! : )

  8. Hi Maria! Hope you received my reply to your question about the ribbon decor on the table? I posted it as a reply to your same question on Facebook. Cheers!

  9. Hello there, Heather! So nice of you to stop by. Looking forward to all the Halloween events coming up, too!

  10. These are so cute! Thank you for linking up to Party Time and we hope to see you again next week!

  11. Thank you for stopping by, Jacqui! We’ll surely be linking up to Party Time often…especially with all the holidays coming up!

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