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Plan a Memorable Wedding Ceremony Toss

In ancient Greece, it was customary to throw fruits such as apples in the air to celebrate a couple’s marriage. This practice may have been the precursor of the traditional wedding ceremony toss using grains of rice and birdseed, both symbols of a fruitful marriage. Today, many brides are taking a more modern approach to this custom. Flower petals, lavender seeds, and even biodegradable confetti have become increasingly popular options for the wedding ceremony toss. Whether it’s a ceremony at a church, garden, or beach, there are many creative ways to plan a memorable wedding toss.

At a Church Wedding

Fragrant lavender seeds can be beautifully packaged in lilac pomander-shaped bags.

Set up a small receiving table in the hallway or foyer of the church, and decorate it with an elegant tablecloth and flower arrangement. Prepare pretty sachets containing lavender seeds to be used in the toss. The pouches may be laid out individually on the receiving table or clustered together in a basket trimmed with ribbons that match the color palette of the wedding. Another option is to place several on each pew with a note saying, “Shower the newlyweds with your best wishes!” Or, as the wedding ceremony draws to a close, the ushers may distribute the pouches to guests as they are invited to take part in the upcoming toss. Such an approach allows these pouches to serve the dual purpose as charming wedding mementos with a practical function.

At an Outdoor Beach Ceremony

For an aromatic wedding toss by the sea, prepare heart-shaped boxes filled with petals of roses, gardenias, or hydrangeas. Tie each one with colorful ribbons in raffia, satin, or organza. Present them to guests along with the wedding program as they take their seats for the ceremony; or hand them out from a welcoming table at the venue’s entrance.

At a Ceremony in a Garden

Rose petals peer through some organza bags awaiting the wedding ceremony toss.

A garden setting, such as on the grounds of a museum or botanical garden, provides a fitting opportunity to use flower petals. Fragrant rose petals may be packaged inside some beautifully embroidered bags and laid at each guest’s seat together with the wedding program. A tag may be attached with a note reminding guests to use the petals for the wedding toss. Alternatively, as the guests arrive for the ceremony, the ushers may offer a bag to each one from a silver tray or a beribboned hand basket.

The wedding toss is a meaningful tradition signifying a shower of good wishes from the newlyweds’ family and friends. It also allows guests to participate in the ceremony, rather than merely witness it. When planning this aspect of the wedding, then, prepare exquisite little packages to contain the items to be tossed and to serve as charming mementos for guests to keep.

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