Valentine’s Day Cocktails For Making the Perfect Toast!

Pink martini for Valentine's Day

Get into that romantic mood with special Valentine’s Day cocktails. Whether you’ll be marking the occasion with a full party or with an intimate dinner for just the two of you, you can definitely set the tone with sips from any of these delicious concoctions. We made a wide selection to suit any taste: from sweet and fruity to bubbly and sparkly!

Say “Cheers” in the Most Stylish Way

Cocktails for Valentine's Day

1 – If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then this Marshmallow Caketini is for you. It’s from Rock Ur Party and features, believe it or not, marshmallow-infused vodka! The pink tint comes from cherry soda and the maraschino cherry garnish, while the extra cuteness comes from multi-colored sprinkles on the glass rims.

2 – We like the fruitiness of this Cranberry Ginger Fizz from 33 Shades of Green. It contains fresh lemon and orange slices, and of course cranberries all ‘muddled’ together, steeped in vodka, blended in a shaker, then poured into glasses of ginger ale on ice. Sounds yummy!

3 – Strawberries are a great way to bring a red tint to your cocktail, as in this Beso de Fresca (Strawberry Kiss) from Bar Super simple to whip up in a jiffy, the recipe calls for tequila rose, light rum, chocolate liqueur, and…oops no mention of the berries! But pop in a couple anyway to mimic this pretty photo!

4 – A cute way to get in theme for Valentine’s is with a heart in your cocktails. Yes, it can be done. This Bleeding Heart cocktail we discovered on Go Make uses raspberries cooked and pressed into a heart-shaped mold as the finishing touch to glasses of champagne or sparkling wine!

5 – This one is actually a signature drink (great for a wedding or any other special occasion) featured on Pig of the The ingredients are grape vodka, black raspberry, and Sprite. But as the post suggests, you can change these up as you wish to suit the occasion. For example, maybe red raspberries instead for Valentine’s?

6 – Chocolates are traditional Valentine’s gifts everyone loves. So why not have them in drink form, too? This Chocolate Martini we found via Yum looks absolutely tempting with a mixture of chocolate liqueur and white creme de cacao, choco syrup on the rim, and cherries as garnish!


  1. What a great roundup of drinks!!

  2. Thanks, Sara! Why not try 1 or 2 of these on the 14th? Happy Valentine’s Day!

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