Waffles and Fried Chicken Bar for a Fall Wedding Brunch

If you’re considering having a food bar or station at your wedding this fall, read on! This post spotlights a super-popular choice for a casual, intimate reception: a waffle bar. It’s a breeze to set up, easy on the budget, and offers an array of delicious options to enjoy!

But we’re not talking about just any waffle bar. This one tops even the most scrumptious waffles (literally!) by pairing them with crispy, golden fried chicken. That’s right. A waffles and fried chicken bar lets you serve up this Southern cuisine combo with no hassle—because your guests make their own!

We start out with decoration and serve ware ideas to suit your waffle bar to your particular wedding theme. Then, to get all the savory and sweet flavors just right, we bring you actual fried chicken and waffles recipes to choose from. Yum!

Setting Up a Waffle Bar: Serve Ware to Labels

No need for a caterer. You can set up your own wedding waffle bar by, first, deciding on the look you’re aiming for and, second, choosing the right elements to pull it all together. Like these!

Fried chicken and waffles display bar ideas

The basic goodies for a waffle bar are pretty much the fave staples: fruits, nuts, assorted syrups, whipped cream, and waffles of course! So, it’s the serve ware you assemble to display and serve on that adds your own special spin!

Casual and handy – You can use waxed paper cups or bowls (1) from Solo Cup in different sizes and in your chosen color and design to match your theme. They’re disposable, lightweight, inexpensive, and you can pop on their lids if you need to transport them or store any leftovers! Lovingly labeled – Create that pro pulled-together look with the help of tent cards, stickers, and hang tags (2) from Avery Design & Print. They’ll add the perfect finishing touch to your waffle bar bowls, mason jars, ramekins, cake stands, syrup and milk bottles.

Farmhouse charm – If a rustic vibe is what you’re going for, see this country kitchen waffle bar setup (3) by Mint Event Design. These simple elements do the trick: a table liner of brown butcher paper with handwritten notes; berry baskets; white crockery-style serve ware, pitchers, and cake stands; a wire farm basket for the waffles; and a galvanized iron caddy for utensils.

Easy peasyBuild your basic bar (4), as More Momma did, with just simple white ceramic bowls in different sizes, old-style syrup dispensers, and a fun chalkboard sign. Then, pre-portion out the waffle mix needed per serving, set out the waffle maker, and let guests cook their own! Set out chocolate chips, nuts, shredded coconut, fresh cut fruits and berries, and homemade syrup for them to add as toppers.

Where’s the Chicken? Right Here in These Recipes!

Ok, so we’ve got the waffle bar setup ideas. Now, to add that winning partner for the waffles: crispy, tender, flavorful Fried Chicken! These 6 recipes offer amazing choices.

Yummy fried chicken and waffles recipes

1 – Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Buttermilk Waffles from Grandbaby Cakes
Both are made with buttermilk. Plus the waffles are flavored with cinnamon, while the chicken pieces are seasoned with Worcestershire Sauce and hot sauce.

2 – Buttermilk Chicken and Waffles from Real Food, Tesco
Marinated in buttermilk before cooking, the boneless chicken breast pieces are tender and juicy. Perfect served on mini sugar waffles.

3 – Easiest Ever Chicken and Waffles from Pillsbury
This version uses packaged frozen chicken tenders, fried till crunchy. Then, in place of waffle mix, Pillsbury Flaky Biscuits are divided into small portions to fit the waffle maker, cooked till golden, then topped with the fried tenders. Easy!

4 – Chicken Tenders and Cheesy Bacon Waffles from Yummy.ph
Surprise add-ons to the deep-fried chicken fillet strips and golden waffles are bacon bits and shredded cheese folded into the batter.

5 – Fried Chicken and Beer Waffle Sandwich Bites from Betty Crocker
Boneless chicken breasts seasoned with chipotle powder, and coated in Bisquick mix for extra crispiness. Waffle batter made with beer. Then, chicken and bacon slices sandwiched between these beer waffles, and served with homemade Maple Bourbon Butter. Wow!

6 – Southern Style Chicken Waffles from Miss Molly Makes
Talk about super flavorful! The chicken is marinated in milk, seasonings, and hot sauce; coated in flour with paprika, cumin, cayenne pepper or chili flakes, garlic powder, and coriander. The waffles are made with a half flour/half cornmeal mixture; flavored with grated cheddar cheese and garlic chives. (A final secret: left-over clumps of flour mix are added to the chicken coating for those extra-crunchy bits on top while frying!)

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