Elegant Ways to Match Brown for Your Wedding Tables

Brown wedding table

Brown for a wedding dinner tablescape? No, thank you, you may say. But do take a look at these brown palette options we’ve put together for your reception tables—and you may just change your mind! When paired with either softer tones or more vibrant hues, brown proves to be quite appealing.

We’ve applied these brown-based palettes to one elegant tablescape, one casual table setting, and one charming desserts display. Take your inspiration from any one of these, and surprise guests with an unexpectedly attractive party table using brown! And lastly, be sure to check out our style inspiration board from Pinterest!

Palette #1: Brown, Sand, Royal Blue, Sky Blue

Brown wedding table for a beach theme
Chocolate brown napkins and a sand-colored overlay provide a rich base for this tablescape. Brilliant blue centerpieces and sky blue favor wraps bring in pops of color.

For this seascape-inspired table setting, we took inspiration from the colors of the beach and the ocean to create an elegant and stylish look! To recapture this at your own party:

  1. Lay out a table cloth in textured beige to mimic the look of a sandy shoreline.
  2. Top each white dinner plate with a rich brown napkin, encircled with a string of pearls and crystals.
  3. Alongside each napkin, position a prettily wrapped bundle in aqua containing a porcelain box as a guest favor.
  4. Then, down the length of the table, place a row of floating candle centerpieces alternately filled with brilliant royal blue water and clear, uncolored water—flanked by more tea lights on charming seashell bowls.
  5. And for a finishing touch, scatter loose seashells and crystals amidst the table setting.

Palette #2: Earth Brown, Aqua, Orange, and Straw

Brown wedding table for a Havana garden theme
Perk up otherwise somber brown place settings with a vivid aqua tablecloth and a splash of bright orange birds-of-paradise blooms.

Earth tones of deep brown and natural straw may seem quite serious for a celebration. But see how they come alive when vibrant colors are added to the mix! To pull this setting off:

  1. Start with a brilliant aqua table cloth to show you mean to party!
  2. Top this with woven rattan chargers edged with matching aqua beads.
  3. Keep the place settings simple with classic white china contrasted with dark brown fabric napkins.
  4. Bring in another natural tone through jute-wrapped votive favors. You can also use burlap!
  5. Finally, add a surprise dash of orange with flowers like birds-of-paradise, gerbera daisies, zinnias, marigolds, or day lilies to really perk up the tablescape!

Palette #3: Chocolate Brown, Lavender, Milk

Brown dessert table for a lilac lavender theme
Set up a desserts display that is literally and visually yummy! Use actual chocolate goodies to bring in the brown tones, contrast these with white, and add luscious lavender.

Now, this is brown at its most delicious! Tones from classic dark to creamy milk chocolate are perfect for a display that’s all about tempting treats. Then with lavender and white added—yum! To recreate this look:

  1. Select everyone’s favorite chocolate goodies—Oreos, choco-coated pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, gold chocolate coins, and the like.
  2. Stack these on pretty clear plates and white wrought-iron pastry stands, alongside tall glasses of chilled fresh milk.
  3. Then, bring in the luscious hue of lavender through favor pouches and heart-shaped boxes filled with more chocolate treats as guest favors.
  4. And for an added surprise, hang lilac-colored sachets on a favor tree for guests to each take one.

Style Inspirations for Brown Weddings!

Brown wedding style via Pinterest with bouquets, wedding cake, and invitations
{top left to right bottom: bridesmaid’s dress, wedding cake, welcome signage, wedding invitation, table settings, and bouquet}

But wait, there’s more style inspiration from our Pinterest board! From your bouquet to the bridesmaids’ dresses, brown is definitely pretty when matched up with orange, beige, chartreuse, or ivory!


  1. Would brown and fuchsia be a good color scheme? Does it look too girly?

  2. Hello, Karen! Brown and fuchsia would be a lovely combination for your wedding ceremony and reception.

    It won’t be too girly if you focus the fuchsia on specific elements, like maybe the bridesmaids’ dresses and of course the bouquets and centerpieces. And with you in white or ivory, you’ll be a real standout against the browns!

  3. should all the glass be the same shape or is it best to mix it up? such as the glass cylinder flower holder with votives around it?

  4. Hi Nancy! If you mean the cube-shaped vases down the center of our first table above…we chose to stick with one shape and size, since we used colored water to provide the variety. But you can certainly mix different shapes and sizes of containers if they are all clear glass, for instance. Happy decorating! 🙂

  5. Oh I love brown, so I never say NO to anything! I love how well this color mixes and matches and you have great images to prove it. Gorgeous!

  6. Hi Fabby!

    Your positive feedback means a lot to us! Thanks so much…and we do love brown, too. 🙂

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