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Welcome a Spring Wedding with a Rainbow-colored Theme

Rainbow theme wedding

Celebration! Few things say it quite as expressively as bold, vibrant colors. And we’re not talking here about three or four hues, but an entire rainbow!

Wondering if that might be too offbeat for a wedding, though? It could be. But not if you apply the multiple colors in stylish doses, via key decorative elements. So we took the liberty of searching for examples of those elements on the web. And we love what we found! We’re sure you’ll be won over, too, as you visualize just how you might work that infectious rainbow radiance into your Big Day.

Multicolor Ideas for your Wedding

A rainbow-themed wedding with multicolors

  1. We love how delightfully daring this wedding dress is, color-wise, and that it was worn by a real bride! Featured on Red Glasses blog, it is custom-made of 100% silk.
  2. Anything with that watercolor wash effect has a special charm to it. Just like this rainbow-hued invitation suite by Katie Fischer Design.
  3. Looking fresh from a country meadow, this charming bouquet from a rustic UK wedding featured on 100 Layer Cake  brings in virtually all the colors of the rainbow!
  4. Thirteen bridesmaids all in a row, each in a different colored dress with matching bouquet! Quite a sweet spectacle indeed from a real wedding featured on Bridal Musings. Luckily, you actually need just seven bridesmaids to complete a rainbow!
  5. Only a meticulous hand can create such an amazing rainbow-themed wedding cake with multitudes of handpiping. Found on Rise and Shine Bakery via HawaiiKawaii.
  6. Whimsical “love stamps” can bring that rainbow accent to your invite and save-the-date envelopes. Found via Brides.com, they’re originally from Verde Studio  , an etsy site specializing in upcycling vintage stamps (check out their lovely selection!).
  7. For a playful touch, you can even treat guests to some brightly colored rock candy like these seen at a rainbow-themed kiddie party on The Party Wagon. A fun way to transition from the ceremony to the reception!
  8. A quick and easy way to get that multi-colored effect is with frosted cupcakes displayed on a tiered stand. These ones by Cupcakes Take the Cake are rainbow colored inside and even have tiny matching ribbons as toppers!
  9. How party-perfect are these “rainbow cherry jigglers” we found at the Jelly Shot Test Kitchen! Basically made of juice-infused gelatin, the winning touches are those colored and flavored maraschino cherries (look for the Roland brand) and of course the sprinkles.
  10. Yoghurt parfaits in an array of colors look almost too pretty to eat! For culinary experts, the Luxirare site provides a fabulous (almost science fiction-looking) tutorial for making these gourmet treats. But you could simulate the same striking display with colored sorbets or gelato.
  11. For festive overhead decoration, it’s hard to beat paper lanterns in all colors of the rainbow, like these found via Roses Valley. Just imagine the carnival effect they’d create at your wedding when lighted as evening falls!

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  1. Hi! I love this rainbow inspiration 🙂 those dresses are so great! Planning my daughters rainbow birthday now!
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