A Chic Japanese-Inspired Engagemeny Party with a Modern Flair!

Chic Japanese party by Bellenza

Here we are at the end of our 4-post series on Winter Engagement Parties! If you’re just joining us now, do take a few minutes to visit Idea #1, #2 and #3.

Hope you’ve enjoyed following along and found some cool ideas for hosting that most special engagement celebration. Now, on to Idea #4!

Set A Serene and Stylized Japanese Setting

Japanese engagement party with chic and modern touches by Bellenza.

One of you may have Japanese roots or you may have met in or traveled together to Japan. But whether or not you have an affinity with this fascinating country, this would make a unique and lovely theme for your dinner.

Decorating tips: Again, this table is a spin-off from two of our other Japanese-themed settings (cherry blossom and modern). This one is more understated and minimalist, though, making it easier to recreate!

Notice that regular Western dinnerware is used, with proper Japanese chopsticks and their matching ceramic rests providing the authentic touch. Also the centerpiece simulates the look of traditional ikebana arrangements, while an origami crane can serve as either a pretty menu holder or as individual place card holders for each guest.

Food and drinks: To treat guests to genuine Japanese cuisine, do locate a local catering service or restaurant that specializes in this. Easy favorites to order would be chicken yakitori, pork tonkatsu, gyoza, edamame (soybeans), miso soup, and tempura with bowls of Japanese fried rice (Cha-han), while those who are adventurous may want to sample sushi! For drinks, have Japanese green tea and sake wine. And for dessert, serve up some green tea or red bean ice cream, mochi, tofu cheesecake, and coffee jelly.

Fun activities: Hold an origami crafting session. Yes, even among the gentlemen! Great for some light moments and laughter. Plus the finished cranes, lotus flowers, frogs, or what have you can be taken home to the kiddies afterwards!

Favors to give: As keepsakes, present each guest with a pair of Japanese chopsticks, a book of easy recipes from Japan, or a glazed earthenware cup that can serve as a vase, a pen holder, or for actually enjoying a cup of tea (whether green or Earl Grey)!

Which set from our series inspired you enough to get your own party planning going? Do share feedback and pics. We’d love to see them, and maybe do a feature or two!

Oh, and of course, warmest congratulations on your engagement!

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