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10 Creative Ideas to Pop the Question: “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”

Bridesmaid question

Once the “Will you marry me?” question has been asked and answered, the next major query is “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Make it even more exciting with a really creative and personalized approach—like these 10 great ideas we gathered. Your dearest girl friends and family members can’t help but say yes!

Asking the Bridesmaid Question: Fun and Fab Ideas

Will you be my bridesmaid? 10 Creatively Cool Ways to Ask the Question | as featured on the Wedding Bistro at Bellenza.

Girly gifts

Give something you know your BFFs will love. But this time it’s got a special purpose! A sweet piece of jewelry perhaps? Like this star pendant (1) for a ‘thank my lucky stars…’ sentiment, with a mini champagne bottle and flute tucked in the box for extra glam!

Nail polish (3) is an always-welcome gift. Choose a color to match your wedding palette, and present it in your own DIY gift box with tag (the link has a great tutorial). Or give a dainty monogram necklace (10) as a delightful way to personalize your gift for each bridesmaid-to-be.

Now, that’s the spirit!

How cool is this idea of giving bottles of your favorite wine (2), personalized with photo labels of you with each of your besties! Or these wine-glass stem cards (8) that do the asking in style—thanks to mini champagne bottles.

All in fun!

Any lollipop would do. But giving a candy ‘ring pop’ in its own box (4) sends the perfect message about popping the bridesmaid question! Or you could prepare something interactive—like a jigsaw puzzle (6) your friends will have to put together, or a whimsical confetti balloon (7) that floats out of its box to reveal the all-important card on its string!

Card, paper, fabric

The “will you be…” question can be posed in so many ways. You could opt for a simple, yet wittily-worded card (5). Or you could DIY a fabric napkin (9) printed with an inkjet transfer (tutorial provided in the link)—then bundle it with a yummy cupcake-in-a-jar. What a literally sweet idea!

Got your own creative way to ask your bridesmaids THE question? Do share it with us in the comments below!

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  1. These are priceless love the creativity and the personalization of these ideas.

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