5 Things to Make For a Rustic Summer Wedding and Cut Your Costs!

5 Things to Make For Your Wedding and Cut Your Costs

Cutting costs is definitely on every bride’s mind, but how exactly do you do this? Easy! With the help of some creativity and craftiness, you can save your way to cutting your wedding costs by making several items yourself. From your favors to your place cards, we’ve done the legwork for you today with some nifty finds that are perfect for a rustic summer wedding!

What to Make for a Rustic Summer Wedding and Save!

From your favors to your place cards, make and save on wedding items.

#1 Make your own cookie favors.

We love the idea of giving out pretty sugar iced wedding cookies. A cookie cutter set with a wedding theme should help like this one we found on Amazon. It has cutters with the following themes: heart, bride and groom, church, and wedding cake. How cute is that!

Item: Fox Run Wedding Cookie Cutter Set

#2 Print out your own wedding invitations.

This ivory invitations kit from Michaels Stores has 50 printable invitations, response cards, response card envelopes, and an extra set for a test print. The kit also includes sample wording and instructions. A downloadable template is made available.

Item: Wedding Invitation Kit

#3 Create your own wedding welcome chalkboard signage.

You could opt for a lovely customized sign done professionally, but try your hand at creating a beautiful personalized wedding welcome message. The best part of purchasing a blank chalkboard frame is you get to keep the frame and re-use it long after the reception. Find this at World Market.

Item: Victorian Style Chalkboard Frame

#4 Craft your own cork place card holders.

Now is the time to get your friends together and have them save their wine corks! Or you can buy them in bulk if you want something faster. Tie two corks together with a ribbon or twine, tuck a card inside with a guest’s name, and your card holders are done! Another option is to cut a slit in the center of the corks, but be very careful when doing this with a blade. Find this on Amazon.

Item: Used Wine Corks

#5 Create your own floral centerpieces using recycled wine bottles.

Who doesn’t have these things nowadays? Ask your neighbors, friends, and family to save their wine bottles. By asking several people, you will be able to get a varied collection of wine bottles, which makes for an interesting centerpiece! If you prefer not to hassle anyone, you can also buy plain ones through Amazon as a set of 36. When filling these bottles, try budget-friendly options like carnations, baby’s breath, or wheat stalks for creating a chic rustic centerpiece.

Item: Green Wine Bottles

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