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7 Smart Tips: How to Purchase a Wedding Photo Book + [Infographic]!

Buying photo books--tips and questions to consider

Transform your favorite wedding photos into a wedding photo book! They are all the rage nowadays as couples are searching for innovative ways to present their precious pictures in a manner that is portable, durable, and stylish. While it can be a lot of fun to assemble your photos into a photo book, there are some very important things to keep in mind when considering these new era of coffee table books. Let these tips and questions help you make the best decision!

Tips and Questions to Consider When Buying a Wedding Photo Book

#1 Be sure to check the type and quality of paper being used by the printer. Most high-end photo books will use heavier paper similar to the ones you see in coffee table books.

Questions to consider:

  1. What is the quality of the paper being used?
  2. Does it look and feel like it is premium stock?
  3. How about the weight of the paper as measured by the metric weight of GSM?
  4. Does the paper have a glossy or matte finish?
  5. How about the option for using extra-thick paper?

#2 Explore the cover options for the photo book. Many vendors will offer varied options from budget-friendly to deluxe-type cover options—the prices vary widely. Some examples of covers include: soft cover, hard cover, cloth, linen fabric, genuine leather, faux leather, or hardcover (matte or glossy).

Questions to consider:

  1. What are the cover options, including color and variety of styles available?
  2. How durable is the cover? Will the cover be prone to scratches?
  3. Can you leave the book out on a coffee table without risk of damage by a future (potential) toddler?
  4. How about an option for using a favorite image as the full-bleed cover image for the book?
  5. Are special options like gold-foil stamping for personalizing the cover available?

#3 Understand “lay flat” book options. Mostly all photo books will have a lay flat option wherein the book pages lay flat seamlessly when you are viewing the book.

#4 Know the quality of the printing. Almost all vendors will have a standard photo printing method, but you may want to look into other options like high-gloss printing. Remember that the type of printing you desire may also depend on the type of paper you select. Therefore, choose carefully. Better printing quality means better clarity of images.

#5 Check the options available for selecting the size and shape of the book. Some vendors offer standard book sizes with little option for selecting the shape (e.g., portrait or landscape) of the book. While others provide at least 3 sizes to choose from: large, medium, or small. These tend to vary by cost so be sure to check how size and shape will affect the final cost of the book.

#6 Get familiar with the customization options for the book. Customizing a wedding photo book with text is what makes photo books fun to begin with. Consider how you can add text with captions and titles, the type of fonts and templates available, and the style of how the text can be rendered in the book.

#7 Consider the final presentation of the book. A presentation box made of sturdy material will ensure that the book can be kept safely. Also, the option to present the book in a stylish box makes a wonderful gift idea for a bridal shower or wedding anniversary.

Questions to consider:

  1. Is there an additional cost for requesting a gift box?
  2. Are there color options available for the box?
  3. How much extra does a gift box cost or is it a standard option available with the purchase of a photo book?
  4. Can you include a ribbon and card with the box?
  5. What other accessories are available?

Online options for purchasing a wedding photo book

Lucky for you, we did the initial research! The following is a list of online places that offer photo books:

Photo book vendors

  1. Wedding Paper Divas (Shutterfly partnership)
  2. Artifact Uprising
  3. Mixbook
  4. Blurb
  5. Milkbooks
  6. Snapfish

In-store options for purchasing a wedding photo book

If you prefer a bricks and mortar approach to buying your book, then this list of retailers should come in handy:

  1. Walgreens
  2. Target Photo
  3. Costco Photo Center
  4. Walmart
  5. CVS

Pin the Graphic for Quick Reference!

Now that you’ve read the article, consider pinning this infographic for quick reference:

How to Purchase a Wedding Photo Book and Infographic from Bellenza

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