A Dainty DIY: How to Make Mini Wedding Cakes

Mini wedding cakes that are diy

Gone are the days of the towering, elaborately decorated wedding cake. In its place, couples can now opt to serve charming miniature wedding cakes that are as practical as they’re pretty! Just think, no more tricky slicing or messy serving at the reception. Instead, each guest gets to take home a complete mini cake as a sweet wedding memento.

If ordering these petite confections from a wedding baker is beyond your budget, no need to worry. You can actually DIY these in your own home kitchen! And to prove it, we found these darling mini cake features online—with decorating tips and recipes included.

We’re Thrilled to Share these Dainty Mini Wedding Cakes

DIY mini wedding cakes

  1. Inspired by the British tradition of serving fruit cake at weddings, why not create lovely single-serve squares like these? Just follow the recipe provided by the Betty Crocker site, including the final step of spooning vanilla frosting onto each square and topping it with edible fresh flowers and tiny mint leaves. So charming!
  2. Basic white-frosted cake bites can be transformed into wedding cake look-alikes! As shown in this simple tutorial by Serendipity Soiree, you can craft little rosettes and leaves out of colored card stock to serve as a floral topper. Then, add a band of matching ribbon as a pretty finishing touch.
  3. These adorable treats we found on The Wedding Clan show how creative you can be with fondant toppers, flowers, and bands of ribbon. Lucky for all of us, the post provides a link to a full mini cake how-to (although with different decorations) on The Wedding Chicks.

But wait, there’s a bonus cake! See below:

Cake using Candyquick

Believe it or not, these glam-looking little creations are actually made of prepared pound cake! Simply cut the pound cake into 3 sizes of circles with cookie cutters, dip each circle in Candiquik coating, stack them one on top of the other, then embellish with tiny sugar flowers and edible pearls. Thanks to the Candiquik blog for this sweet secret!


  1. What a smart way to make that last tiered mini cake! I purchased a special bake pan to make those! That way is so much easier (and cheaper!)

  2. Oh my goodness, these are the cutest things I’ve ever seen! Thanks so much for sharing these!

  3. How adorable! This makes me want to bust out my silicon mini tiered cake mold.

  4. Thanks for all your sweet comments, RM, Iris, and HiLLjO! But really, aren’t these just the cutest?

    About that last “cake,” I also just found out that there are special mini tiered molds to create this effect — but this idea we shared here is so clever, don’t you think?

    Love you ladies for stopping by! <3

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