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A Rustic DIY Wedding from Let’s Drink Coffee, Darling

Rustic wedding cake. Photo by Let’s Drink Coffee, Darling

What a refreshing discovery this real wedding was! With so many of today’s nuptials being meticulously styled and coordinated down to the last detail, we couldn’t help but be drawn to the genuine charm of this rustic DIY ceremony and reception of newlyweds Saxon and Tyler. We stumbled upon it on Saxon’s blog Let’s Drink Coffee, Darling and found out that she’s also a crafter and an artist. And it shows! Just see the simple, yet heartwarming details she put together to make their special day extra meaningful.

DIY Wedding Decorations Made with Heart

Rustic diy wedding by Let’s Drink Coffee, Darling as featured by Bellenza

Particularly touching was how family members and cherished items were so much a part of this wonderful occasion. For instance, two old doors found at a yard sale were transformed into the ceremony backdrop by Saxon’s grandpa. Then, rocks from his collection were used as unique paper weights on the guest book table, along with other quaint pieces like an antique churn, a rustic basket for the wedding programs, and signs handpainted by Saxon (one displayed in an old frame of her mom’s).

The wedding cake display was also rustic—in keeping with the country lodge setting where the reception was held. Would you believe the mother of the bride “built the cake stand from scratch”! And Saxon created the family heirloom photo display that graced it. More wood and rocks decorated the charming coffee station, while the lodge’s mantel offered the perfect spot for a sweet photo of the couple and more of the bride’s handiwork: burlap flowers in a lace-and-burlap bottle and a recycled coffee tin wrapped in lace holding pine cones and pebbles.

Centerpieces Full of Charm

Rustic diy wedding flower centerpieces by Let’s Drink Coffee, Darling as featured by Bellenza

With a theme this intimate and personal, simple wildflower arrangements were all that were needed for the outdoor tables. The blooms were picked near the lodge just hours before the wedding and, as Saxon relates, “All the jars at our wedding were recycled from other things—sauce jars, jelly jars, Starbucks frapp jars, you get the point!”

For the indoor tables, the DIY centerpieces were appealing little groupings on top of burlap ‘gunny sacks’ that served as table covers. These featured handmade flowers of burlap, lace, and fabric arranged in bottle-vases and placed on wood slices. Alongside were more of those recycled coffee tins covered in lace, each holding a rustic tea light, pine cones, and pebbles. Perfect for the theme!

We must thank Saxon for so graciously allowing us to share these details of her and Tyler’s wedding in Oklahoma. A lovely example of rustic wedding decor at its most charming! For more details, visit the full post here.

Photography: Birds and Coffee Design

Wedding cake: Christina’s Cookies and Cakes (Sulfur, OK)

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