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Make Sailboat Favors for a Regatta-Inspired Wedding

A regatta-inspired wedding party seeks to recreate the exciting and glamorous world of the yachting scene. Decor elements, then, must capture the ambiance of the sea and the thrill of sailing. And that goes for the favors as well. One clever idea would be to prepare sailboat-inspired place card holders or candy dishes using seashell trays that guests can take home afterwards as keepsakes. It takes just a few simple steps and readily-available materials to make them, but these sailboat souvenirs will surely be in keeping with the occasion’s classy regatta motif.

Gather the Materials:

  1. Card stock paper
  2. Ruler
  3. Pencil
  4. Scissors
  5. Fine- to medium-tipped colored marker
  6. Toothpicks
  7. Glue or double-sided tape
  8. Clay, dough, taffy, or caramels (or similar soft, pliable material)
  9. Seashell candy trays
  10. Any treats (e.g., candies or chocolates) with a sea- or sailing-inspired design

The number of candy trays and sheets of card stock paper needed will depend on the number of guests attending the celebration. So it’s best to have a finalized guest list before making these mementos.

Prepare and Assemble the Sailboats

  1. First, measure and mark a triangular shape on the card stock paper using a ruler and pencil. Cut this out to be used as a template for all the sails.
  2. Trace this template on the card stock paper and cut out as many sails as needed.
  3. Using a colored marker, label each sail with the name of a guest.
  4. Attach each sail to a toothpick using glue or small pieces of double-sided tape.
  5. Take the candy trays and place a marble-sized ball of clay, dough, or similar material in the center of each tray. Make sure that it is pressed down securely.
  6. Complete the sailboat by taking the sails and positioning each one in a tray by piercing its toothpick mast into the ball of clay or dough.

Fill Each Sailboat with a Cargo of Sweets

Fill each sailboat with a handful of delightful goodies, like sand dollar cookies, taffy, or gummy fish. Other tasty treats to consider are gold-wrapped chocolate coins, mutli-colored jellybeans, and butter cookies baked in the shape of fish and seashells.

The filled sailboats can then be used in a number of ways – as charming candy dishes at each table setting, as theme-inspired place card holders, or as keepsake containers for edible favors. Why not all three?

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