Halloween Candy Table for Bridal Shower

Spooktacular Sweets Table for Halloween

And we do mean a Happy Halloween sweets table! Not scary, not creepy, not even a little icky. Instead, we suggest a quick and easy desserts display featuring favorite goodies all chosen to fit the party palette. In this case, a trio of black, white, and green. The trick actually lies in the styling—the color choices, the themed decorative touches, and the lighting. Quick, grab some ideas for your own Halloween wedding shower sweets table before we can say “Boo!”

Prepare Fun and Frightful Decor Accents

Witch hat and black picture frame

Once the Halloween season is round the corner, stores are just brimming with themed accessories. So why not run out and grab a few to incorporate in your desserts display? For our table, we chanced upon a cute little witch’s hat sporting a glittery buckle—in green. We then dug up an old wooden frame that we used to display the table sign—also in green. Just the thing for our chosen palette! It’s invitation to guests? “Double, double, toil and trouble. Get your treats here on the double!”

Play Up the Palette with Green Treats

Green Halloween candies

To give your treats station a pulled-together look, the simplest element you can use is color. So with that in mind, all you need to do is scour the grocery shelves for yummy items that all have a hint of green! Our finds included whirly pops, assorted gummy candies, and caramel apples coated in green sprinkles.

To show them off as part of the display, we used:

vintage milk glass vessels, crystal bowls, and white ceramic cake stands
wooden skewers to present the gummy candies and marshmallows standing in a slender black vase
clear cello wraps and gold twist ties to keep the candy apple’s coating visible

Other candy options in green could be: rock candy, jelly beans, licorice rope, M&Ms, green-coated choco almonds, gumballs, and coated sunflower seeds.

Bake (or Buy) Scrumptious Treats Everyone Will Like

Again, the goodies we chose are nothing overly fancy, which range from yummy eclairs to creme puffs to chocolate pretzel sticks. Again, color is key. So you’ll notice that our 5 options are all within the black, white and green palette.

Choice 1: Bite-size eclairs filled with cream, then topped with chocolate frosting and white chocolate pieces

Chocolate eclairs

Choice 2: Mini chocolate cupcakes topped with dollops of white marshmallow icing and green choco-coated sunflower seeds

White frosted cupcakes

Choice 3: More cupcakes, this time frosted with rich chocolate icing, and golden crusted cream puffs

Chocolate fudge cupcakes

Choice 4: Milk chocolate Kisses, choco-dipped pretzel sticks, and green whirly pops

Chocolate pretzels, kisses, lollipop sticks

Choice 5: Chocolate almonds, marshmallows, and swirly lollipops

Marshmallows and yellow and green swirly pops

Serve a Halloween Tradition: Popcorn!

Halloween popcorn

Want to add a fun interactive element to your sweets table? Prepare freshly-popped popcorn with witch’s hat alongside. So, guests get to scoop their fill of this traditional Halloween treat and take it home in these cones!

Assemble the Elements Together

Halloween table spread

Once all the goodies are ready, the styling fun begins! Lay out a black mesh runner or overlay on the table top to create a “creepy chic” effect. Black lace would be great for this as well. Provide white doilies to position each baked or candy treat on, and create height for your display with the various containers and stands.

The Completed Sweets Table

Halloween candy table

Now for the finishing touches! If you have an antique silver candlestick, prop the witch’s hat on it with some faux cotton cobwebs—and you have a little haunted house vignette! Finally, position the framed sign inviting all to enjoy the sweets, then add several votive candles to cast that unexpectedly eerie Halloween glow.

Guests are sure to enjoy trick-or-treating at this bridal shower sweets table!


  1. Well how fun is that! So creative and easy to make and above all the coolest bridal shower ever! Thank You so much for sharing with us at the Fluster Buster Party, have a fantastic weekend, Lizy party co host

  2. So glad you like our candy table, Lizy, and sweet of you to stop by and tell us! Thank you for co-hosting such a fun link party.

  3. I’m in sugar overload! Everything looks so great and is presented in a fun way. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday.

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by, Erlene! And thank you for your sweet comments. We’ll definitely be linking up more projects to Merry Monday!

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