A Wedding Wish Guest Book Table for a Vintage Travel Theme

A Vintage Wedding Wish Guest Book Table

“Bon Voyage!” A heartfelt send-off for you newlyweds leaving for a fabulous overseas honeymoon. And the theme of the occasion? Vintage travel, of course!

Wouldn’t it be great to personalize this, and let every guest join in on the well-wishing? We thought so, too. So in place of a traditional wedding guest book, we assembled a sweet vintage vignette—a mini trunk filled with romantic Victorian postcards for guests to write their own personal notes and greetings for you!

You can recreate this yourself with just 3 main decorative pieces, and a few well-chosen accents. Come take a look!

Assemble Vintage Pieces & Add Pretty Accents

To assemble this charming setting, we simply took a small console table with a lovely wood-grain finish and overlaid it with a crocheted runner.

A Wedding Wish Guest Book Table for a Vintage Travel Theme | The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza.

1 – Then, we took an oval mirror in a gold filigree antique frame and wrote “Bon Voyage!” on it with an erasable marker. An ornate vintage key on a satin ribbon adds a touch of vintage whimsy, don’t you think?

Alstroemerias in a mason jar for a vintage travel guest book table.

2 – For a romantic floral accent and a burst of color, we placed a sweet bunch of alstroemerias in a mason jar and positioned it alongside the mirror.

Old World-print postcards for a vintage travel vignette table.

3 – Finally, we prepared an assortment of Old World-print postcards (this set came in booklet form from Victoria’s Secret!) and propped them up in a miniature travelling trunk. For guests to write their greetings and “travel advice” for the couple on the marital journey ahead, we provided an old-style Montblanc pen in its own stand.

What’s exciting is you can always create your own little vignette with other decorative pieces! You may already have some family heirlooms at home, or you might find quaint treasures in thrift shops, flea markets, or antique stores.

Some ideas for additional elements could be:

  • – a photo of the two of you in an antique frame
  • – an antique globe with pins marking special places you’ve traveled to
  • – a vintage airplane in wood or metal
  • – leather luggage tags
  • – a pocket watch with a fancy gold chain
  • – an antique telescope or compass
  • – maps, travel brochures, old airline tickets

Vintage vignette—a mini trunk filled with romantic Victorian postcards for guests.

With an alternative guestbook idea like this one, you can enjoy your guests’ “Bon Voyage” wishes years after your wedding day!

There’s more!

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