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An Easy Gift Packaging Project with an Eco-Friendly Flair

Easy gift packaging project that is eco-friendly

Organic is in! So reflect this in the packaging choices for your bridal party gifts—especially at wedding socials with a tropical or eco-friendly theme. Is your engagement dinner, for instance, going to be a casual luau event? Then, take that opportunity to present thoughtful tokens of appreciation to the ladies and gentlemen whom you’ve chosen for special roles at the wedding. But package them in fittingly “tropical organic” style!

In this gift wrapping project, the materials do the work. All you need do is cut, wrap around, and tie. It’s that simple, but the result is pretty neat!

Step 1: Cut the Palm Leaf Sheet

Cut the shee of palm leaf
Estimate the size of palm-leaf sheet needed to encase your waiting gift items. The mat’s grid pattern provides a convenient cutting guide.

Ahead of time, assess the gift items you plan to give. This type of packaging works best with regularly shaped items, such as books or boxed gifts. Tip: If your intended gifts are loose or have an odd shape, then place them in board boxes or those made of clear acetate.

Take sheets of woven palm leaves (those in place mat form would be an easy option!), but if you cannot find woven palm leaves, you can also substitute it with sinamay, woven bamboo mats, or even burlap.

Next, estimate the size needed to wrap around the gifts you have prepared. Tip: Better to do the estimating with old newspapers first, before you cut the actual mat. 

Step 2: Wrap Around the Box

Center the gift box and wrap
This packaging approach works best with regular-shaped or boxed gift items. And if you opt for clear acetate boxes, line them with colored tissue paper to match the party palette!

Position your gift atop the cut-to-size mat, wrap the mat up over it, and secure the overlap in place with a hot glue gun or a few glue dots. Tip: Make the wrap snug, to avoid the gift slipping out the open ends!

Step 3: Tie and Present!

Finished gift box

Last of all, tie a length of colorful ribbon around the package in a graceful bow, and glue on a leaf-shaped tag. Organic-style packaging, done!

To dress up your packaging further, here are other embellishments you can try:

  1. In place of the palm leaf mat, do remember that you can use burlap, jute, or sinamay materials which have a similar rustic look.
  2. For ribbon substitutes, why not try hemp cord, baker’s twine, raffia fiber, or even fresh palm fronds or long blades of grass.
  3. Depending on the particular aspect of organic you wish to highlight, you could trim your finished packaging with seashells, seeds, dried flowers, herb sprigs, twigs, wood bark, even tiny pebbles or decorative sand.

You may want to check out our related article on “Crafting Favor Rolls” using similar materials. It offers another creative option for packaging candies and small gift items to give as wedding party tokens.


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. What a fantastic, quick and easy idea! I love this. I’m holding a tropical themed hen part for my sister at the end of summer, and this would be great for the favours!

    Thanks for linking this up at The Purple Pumpkin Blog! Please stop by every Thursday for more parties 😀

  3. So glad you like this wrap idea, Michelle! We’d love to see it in action at your sister’s hen party, if you could share a pic. In the meantime, we’ll see what we can link up next on your blog! 🙂

  4. Thank you, Steph @ Crafting in the Rain! And it’s sooo easy to do, as you can see. 🙂

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