Unique Ways to Present Table Napkins at your Table

Table napkin ideas

Table napkins—you fold them once and you think you’re done. But why not step away from the ho-hum approach and try fun and creative ways of presenting your table napkins? Whether you’re hosting a tea party for six or a fancy engagement dinner, let these table essentials end up as statements of your personal decorating style. Become a Table Napkin Artist!

How? You can base your approach on the theme of the party, on your color palette, or on whatever element you choose to anchor the table décor. Just be sure your napkin presentation complements the overall place setting, while it serves as a special personal touch to delight your guests.

Try Out These Great Ideas!

1. Use the napkin to layer your place setting – It not only sets off the guest favor on top of it; the favor in turn substitutes for a napkin holder! In this example, we’ve used a place frame that serves a great dual-purpose.

2. Roll the napkin up and tie it with a ribbon – The charm lies in the added embellishment that echoes the theme: a flower, a butterfly, a seashell, a lollipop, a beaded tassel.

3. Fold the napkin in a themed shape – Use your imagination and have your napkins mimic a shape symbolic of the party’s theme. Here, the napkin has been folded to look like a pineapple with an olive-colored organza wrap tucked in at the top for “leaves,” as a little shell card holder rests on top. You can also add texture by using a patterned fabric. And if you know origami, then even better!

How About These Cool and Quick Ideas?

4. Have napkin “flowers” save you on a centerpiece – Tuck napkins into wine glasses at each place setting and fluff up their edges to simulate the look of flowers. With a sheath of olive organza serving as leaves around each napkin-flower, you won’t even miss the traditional centerpiece!

5. Use the napkin to display a guest favor – Have a favor bag take center stage on a crisp ivory napkin—how simple! A single seashell and the angled position of the napkin provide the perfect understated flourish.

6. Tuck the napkin into glassware – Hint at the fine wine to be served! Roll up a burgundy-colored napkin and tuck it into a wine flute for an air of casual sophistication. Saves on napkin rings, too!

7. Use what you have at home – This idea is perfect if you’ve got a ton of bracelets and want to give them away as favors at a bridal shower. Gather one end of the napkin with a crystal bead bracelet, for example, and spread out the remaining fabric to look like a small fan. In this place setting, the fan lends a wonderful, vintage look to a scene decorated with frilly lace purses and black ribbons.

Other Creative Ways of Presenting Table Napkins:

– A rolled napkin can also echo the theme by what it’s tied with. Use a length of raffia for a Caribbean party, a strip of palm leaf for a luau dinner, or a bit of lace for a Victorian bridal shower.
– Use an unusual napkin ring that could become a “conversation piece” (a strip of parchment with a line of poetry, a ring of edible chocolates, a shell fragment that forms a loop or spiral).
– Fashion an open envelope out of the napkin, then tuck the utensils inside so that they peer out of the open “flap.”
– Fold the napkin into a flat square or rectangle, tie a wide ribbon around it, then tuck a mini menu card into the band created. Insert a single flower like a rose or gerbera daisy alongside the card for a romantic accent.

Have an idea for a unique way to present table napkins? C’mon, dont’ be shy. Share your thoughts!


  1. Hi guys! I just love the idea of using what you have at home as napkin rings. With a bit of creativity, you can certainly save money on these items. My own idea is to use old wrapping paper from gifts. You can get some cardboard, shape them into rings, and then cover them up with wrapping paper. All you need is glue and scissors. How easy is that!

    Toodles 🙂


  2. That’s a great tip! I luv the pretty gold frame with the purple ribbon that is on top of the napkin.

  3. I love the ideas given. I just wanted to add a little to the napkin ring idea. Old Christmas paper tubes or toilet paper tubes make great napkin rings. All you have to do is cut them to the width that you want and then cover with wrapping paper, paint or what ever fits your needs.

  4. These are all such great ideas! Thanks for sharing with us this week at Monday Funday!

    Take care,


  5. Great ideas! Super Cute! Come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday linky party and share this post with us. http://thestylesisters.blogspot.com/2013/06/centerpiece-wednesday-and-wrap-up.html

  6. Thanks, Trish! We’ve only begun joining link parties recently — and we’re finding it’s a lot of fun!

  7. So nice of you to stop by here, Karin. We’ll definitely find a project to link up to your Centerpiece Wednesday link party!

  8. Such a simple way to pull your table together! Love all your tips!

  9. Hi Amy! Yes, napkin accents are really one of the easiest and most eye-catching ways to perk up a party table. So glad you like our ideas!

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