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Budget-friendly Ways to Dress Up Candles

Candles make for ultra-romantic lighting at a reception. But using the carved, colored, or scented kind to illuminate all the tables can be quite costly. Fortunately, with a little imagination and an eye for style, it is possible to make even the plainest candles appear far more elegant and luxurious at surprisingly little expense. The secret lies in the creative use of decorative accessories and embellishments.

Use Candle Rings or Wreaths

Depending on the occasion’s theme, an accessory set with pearls can convey either romantic elegance or the glitter of winter frost.

A candle ring can do wonders to dress up a simple white candle. The key is to choose one with the right kind of materials and embellishments to suit the party’s theme. For a traditional romantic setting, a simple mirrored tray ringed with pearls adds sparkle to a white textured candle, as the reflective surfaces of both the tray and pearls make it glow more radiantly. These same qualities create a glistening effect ideal for table settings at a winter reception.

For a large centerpiece composed of candles, substitute a wreath or garland decorated with ribbons and other embellishments. This is simple for a Christmastime wedding, when wreaths and garlands come already decorated for the holidays. But even for weddings at other times of the year, ready-made wreaths and garlands in the colors of spring, summer, or autumn can be transformed into candle wreaths and decorated in keeping with the chosen theme.

Find Ribbons in Striking Colors

Ribbons provide an easy, yet beautiful way to decorate candles. Look for them in the color palette of the event, then select those that will make a striking contrast. For example, a winter wedding celebration may have a palette of white, periwinkle, and silver. A candle arrangement at this party may then be decorated with a periwinkle satin ribbon tied in a bow around each one.

As an alternative to tying bows, use ribbons as bands. A single color may be used for a classic look, or three ribbons in different colors may create a dynamic, layered effect. In a tropical-themed wedding reception, for example, candles can come alive with bands of ribbon in fuchsia, green, and orange.

Ribbons can likewise transform the entire look of the simplest candles with customized designs, unusual patterns, and varied textures. Candles can take on an upper-crust elegance when adorned with ribbons bearing the couple’s personalized monogram. They can also take on a distinct mood when dressed up with ribbons in harlequin, paisley, or polka-dot patterns. They can even acquire a luxurious feel with ribbons in velvet, ombre, and jacquard; or a dainty, ethereal look when decorated with tulle or organza.

Use Accents with Interesting Textures

A shell tray trimmed with gold and seashell fragments reflects the glow of a single tealight on a bed of sand.

Organic items such as sand, seashells, flowers, and stones are just a few examples of embellishments to complement candles. At a beach-inspired wedding party, for instance, group them on a bamboo table runner or on a wooden tray filled with sand for that tropical feel. When applied tastefully in keeping with the event’s theme, even a few touches of any of these elements will work wonders.

Cost need not be a constraint when planning a candlelit wedding celebration. With these simple and inventive approaches to decorating candles, one can create whatever look the party’s theme calls for, while keeping within budget. Indeed, even plain candles can be easily transformed into beautiful arrangements using affordable accessories and textured accents.

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