Craft a Witch’s Cauldron as a Halloween Guest Book

Witch's Cauldron with Paper Scrolls

Among the many elements to play around with at your Halloween wedding would be a really fun alternative guest book. Why go with the usual pages and a pen, when you can opt for a witch’s cauldron of wishing scrolls and black-feathered quills? Sound creepy enough for you? Come and see how you can conjure this up for your own reception. So easy, no magic spells needed! This post is part of our Halloween styled shoot series.

Materials you will need:

– a terra cotta pot in the shape of a cauldron or kettle*
– a large wooden spoon
– black spray paint (read the label to suit the material of your cauldron)
– 2 or 3 pens with black or metallic casings
– sheets of parchment
– black chicken or marabou feathers
– black ribbon
– faux cobwebs
– hot glue gun
– pair of scissors

*If the right-shaped pot isn’t available, you could substitute a large fishbowl or a globe-shaped vase.

Witch's cauldron on Halloween table setting

Step 1: Turn your humble pot into a witch’s cauldron.
– Spray paint your chosen container both inside and out.
– Paint the wooden spoon in the same way.
– Allow these to dry thoroughly for several hours.

Step 2: Transform plain old pens into creepy quills.
– Using the hot glue gun, attach 2 or 3 black feathers onto the closed end of each pen.
– Wind black ribbon around the length of the pens to hide the glued-on ends of the feathers.

Black feathers, green candles, and green vases

Step 3: Prepare the scrolls for guests’ wishes.
– Hand-tear the parchment to “wedding wish” size, creating rough edges around each sheet.
– Roll these up into scrolls and stand them upright in the cauldron.

Step 4: Set up a witch-worthy display!
– Position the wishing cauldron at one end of your wedding table, or set up a separate guest book station for this.
– Place the feathered quill pens inside along with the scrolls.
– Lay the wooden spoon alongside, and drape the entire display with faux cobwebs—extending to the other table elements for an overall eerie look!

Halloween table setting with green and black accents

“Bubble, bubble! Toil and trouble!” Not exactly what you’d like guests to wish upon you. But this little witch-inspired vignette does make for a quirky guest book idea for Halloween, don’t you think?!

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  1. what a unique idea! You can even use the cauldron to hold candies for guests to take.

  2. I just LOVE this idea. I always wished we had got married around Halloween!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at #CraftyOctober on The Purple Pumpkin Blog ^_^

  3. Hi Michelle! Thrilled that you like this project — and having fun linking up to great link parties so we reach readers like you! 🙂

  4. This is such a fun idea, I love the pens turned into quills, and the black wooden spoon! x

  5. Hi Jennifer! We always believe it’s those creative little details that make any event decor work! So glad you like this easy project. 🙂

  6. This looks absolutely amazing! Pinned and tweeted. You always bring the most amazing creations to our party. Thank you! I hope to see you again, this Monday at 7 pm. It wouldn’t be a party without you! Lou Lou Girls

  7. Thanks so much for your kind words, Kimmie! We love linking up to your party, and seeing all the amazing projects and party ideas linked up too!

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