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Create a Fall Wedding Welcome Sign That Serves Double Duty

Welcome sign at fall wedding

Picture this, ladies and gentlemen (literally)! An eye-catching display of assorted picture frames serving as a heartwarming fall wedding seating assignments sign…and one that also presents the guest favors in a personalized manner. For a small, autumn wedding with just immediate family and close friends attending, present this handcrafted piece as a decorative element—perfectly in tune with the intimate setting of the occasion. Plus, it’s lovingly assembled and teeming with a rustic yet elegant charm!

Materials For Creating a Fall Seating Assignments Sign

– Picture frames of different designs, sizes, and materials
– One large frame (size to depend on how many frames you plan to display)
– Fabric – to serve as a canvas for the large frame
– Small nails – to hang the picture frames within the large frame
– Special photos (optional)
– Embellishments – twigs, leaves, raffia twine
– Large easel

Steps on How to Create this Sign with a Large Frame

1. Personalize each picture frame – The individual picture frames are actually the guest favors! So, decide which frame will go to which guest. Then, print their names in an elegant cursive font and insert these in the frames.

Fall Wedding Welcome Frame with RUstic Touches

2. Prepare the large frame and easel – Stretch the fabric on the large frame like a canvas, secure it with a staple gun, and close the frame backing. Mount the frame on the easel and position this in the reception area of your wedding.

3. Hang the picture frames on the display – Plan a whimsical and interesting arrangement for the picture frames. Then, with small nails hammered into place, hang the different frames within the large frame. *Note: Be sure to put the table number in a prominent place. For this, it is best to use a large pre-cut number.

As an added heartwarming touch, hide a special message from the bride and groom for the guest named in each frame. This can also be a romantic quotation from a famous poet or writer, in keeping with your wedding theme.


Items featured: gold frame, shell frame, inlaid abalone picture frame, and mini crystal frame

4. Add personal touches – As the guests take their favor-frames from the display, have them enjoy some precious family photos interspersed amidst the picture frames, recalling special times you’ve shared through the years. Hint: You can even add little meaningful keepsakes. But don’t let the display get too cluttered.


5. Bring in that fall ambiance – Give a nod to the cozy autumn season with decorative accents taken from nature. Line the large frame with a few bare branches and twigs, and position a casual bunch of leaves and raffia twine at its base. And of course, announce the joyful occasion with the names of the couple and the wedding date. Hint: For an extra special display, have the names and date printed or even embroidered in a fancy, cursive font.

There you have it! A wedding seating card display, favor display, and decorative piece all in one.


  1. i think this is so pretty

  2. How lovely! I’m having a small fall wedding. At home! And this comes as a timely article. Thank you.

  3. I also love this idea. It’s a great money-saving project especially when you want to combine the favors and the guest seating arrangements into one display. I’m doing a small scale version of this using a canvas that I will be making. The materials: a large white canvas board bought from an art supply store, round little picture frames each bearing the name of each guests, ribbons to tie the frames, and a calligraphy stencil. Thanks!

  4. Awesome idea…simple yet elegant..I am going to try it surely..thanks for sharing

  5. There are excellent collection with nice creativity. Thanks for sharing this blog, we can pick this info for our wedding time. I am sure it will help us.


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