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Cute and Chic Ways to Say “I Love You”

Red chevron favor bag with ribbons

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote those immortal lines ages ago. Well, forget counting…and just let your loved ones know! But be sure to do so in cute and chic ways, just like these darling ideas we found via some truly creative blogs—for your sweetheart, family members, or friends!

Express Yourself in the Most Unique Way!

Cute ideas for expressing your love on Valentine's Day

1 – “You are a gem!” That’s how precious your loved ones are to you. So express your affection with this sweet little DIY gift idea from In Honor of Design: rhinestone earrings—either made by you (see tutorial) or store bought. And for trendy packaging, tuck these into red and white chevron gift bags finished with handmade bunting-style flags!

2 – Another delightful play on words—this time arranging the letters as though on an optometrist’s eye chart! How clever is that? We stumbled upon this cute card with the words “I Only Have Eyes for You” engraved on the front” on the fine stationery site of Mrs. Strong.

3 – For sheer cuteness, this project crafted by Mini Eco Co. U.K. wins hands down! It’s a clever variation on the old ‘message in a bottle’ idea—with the words being written in invisible ink (a.k.a. lemon juice) and prettied up with multi-colored paper hearts. To read, your sweetie just needs to hold the message up to a heat source. Neat, huh?!

4 – Crafting with maps is quite a trend. So what’s to stop you from using one for a Valentine’s greeting? Check out this oh-so-sweet “I’m Lost Without You” card featured on Moxie Fab World. Just love the play on words that suits the map material perfectly!

5 – Trust the creative team at Martha Stewart to dream up such fun Valentine greeting ideas: secret messages! One version uses baking soda and water as ‘ink’ with grape juice to be sprayed on to make the hidden word(s) appear. The other version has a printable message template that becomes readable when the magic ‘heart glasses’ are worn!


  1. Such fun ways to say I love you! Love the eyes for you one.

  2. Love the Lost Without You map!

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