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DIY: A Halloween Wedding Welcome Sign

Spooky Halloween Wedding Welcome Sign in Black and Green

A warm welcome is something every couple strives to achieve at their wedding reception. But not for one with a spine-tingling Halloween theme. This is one time that you can actually aim for a chilly, almost unwelcoming entryway to the venue—and guests will love it! All in the spirit of fun, we created just such an approach to our green, black, and silver Halloween wedding set. Instead of being bright and sparkly, it’s dark and gloomy. Rather than being warm and inviting, it’s positively creepy. Here’s a simple DIY guide for assembling a welcome display that does quite the opposite!

Step 1: Create the Sign

Paint a plank of wood in black

Our sign is actually nothing more than a plank of plywood cut to size and spray-painted black. Then, we took some neon green paint and brushed on the word Welcome freehand, with a few extra strokes to create bats swooping about. Hint: You can also use glow-in-the-dark ink to write your message!

Don’t worry about perfection here. In fact, the more handmade the sign looks, the better! The same goes for adding some bare GI wire as a hanger, looped through holes at the top of the sign.

Finally, hang the sign on a small tree trunk with bare branches. We chose one of very dark wood (although you could always paint available branches black, too) and with gnarled and twisted branches. How’s that for a haunted look?

Step 2: Assemble the Lineup of Glass Cylinders

Fill tall glass vases with colored water in green

The next phase is to simply mark off the approach to your reception entrance, as though leading guests along a darkened pathway to the event. We did this by bringing in oversized glass cylinders and lining them up along the stone-covered walk. We then filled the cylinders with water tinted with green food coloring.

The effect is quite striking, wouldn’t you say? The green water catches and reflects what little illumination is up ahead, creating an eerie sort of glow to allow guests to make their way to the party area.

Step 3: Welcome Guests at the Party

Present the entire display at the entrance to the party

Come reception time, this is what guests will be greeted by! An entryway display that says “Welcome” in a whimsical and fun manner. Notice, though, we didn’t make use of any obvious Halloween symbols or decorations. We simply relied on the eerie ambiance to say “Boo!” in a stylish sort of way.

Stay tuned next week for more of our “Elegant Halloween” styled shoot!

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  1. Love the idea of an entranceway! This is so easy to create!

  2. Thanks, Karen! A decorated entryway is always great for setting the party mood. Glad you like this one!

  3. Would love to put one of these at my front door! Thanks for sharing with us at the Teach Me Tuesday Linky Party:)

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Adrian! Can’t believe Halloween is just days away. Thank you for hosting Teach Me Tuesday!

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