DIY: How to Make Fall Table Numbers with Twigs!

How to Make Table Numbers with Twigs for Fall Weddings!

Long gone are the days of wedding table numbers simply scribbled on cards and displayed in plain frames. Thank goodness for that! Now, if you’ll be having a fall season reception, every tablescape element—down to the numbers—can be selected and styled to capture that heartwarming autumn vibe.

Take, for instance, this DIY table number idea from our fall wedding styled shoot. The materials can literally be gathered from one’s backyard or along the roadside on a typical autumn day. Just add some creativity and a dash of crafting skill, and you’ll have real rustic charmers for your table numbers display come your wedding day!

Step 1: Gather the needed materials.

Gather the needed materials such as twigs to make the table number frame.

As we said, the basic materials are readily available during this season—and you probably have the other supplies right at home:

  • – slender bare twigs
  • – woody vine, like grape vine
  • – natural-colored raffia or jute twine
  • – a few sheets of parchment, handmade rice paper or similar
  • – single hole puncher
  • – pair of scissors
  • – crafting cutter
  • – ruler
  • – black marker pen

Step 2: Cut the parchment to desired size.

Cutting the paper to fit the frame.

  • – Measure the parchment or similar paper to the intended size of your table numbers.
  • – Using the cutter and ruler, cut as many pieces as you will need to display on all tables.

Special note: Step 6 below should actually be done at this point: Write the numbers on the loose sheets using the black marker pen. (We found out the hard way that we should have written the number on each sheet before it was mounted in the twig frame!)

Step 3: Assemble the bare twigs into rustic little frames.

Assemble the bare twigs into rustic little frames

  • – Estimate the lengths of twigs needed to create frames slightly larger than the sheets of parchment you’ve cut.
  • – To get them the proper lengths, simply snap the twigs with your fingers. This keeps the look rough and unfinished—just as intended!
  • – Assemble the frames by tying the twig ends together with raffia or jute twine at the point where they intersect. Do the same until all four corners of the frame are complete.

Step 4: Prepare to attach the paper sheets to the frame.

Attach the paper sheets to the frame.

  • – Punch two small holes at the top edge of the sheet of paper.
  • – Thread twine through these holes and tie the sheet to one side of the twig frame.
  • – Leave the other three sides unattached, so that the sheet hangs freely.

Step 5: Dress up the frame with the woody vine.

Decorate the frame with the woody vine.

  • – Add more texture by intertwining a length of woody vine around the four sides of the twig frame.
  • – Keep the vine loose and even a bit messy looking, in keeping with the rustic effect you’re aiming for.
  • – Add a length of twine as a hanger for each frame.

Step 6: Write the respective table numbers on each framed sheet.

Write table numbers on each framed sheet.

Oops! As mentioned above, this step should actually have come before Step 3! Too late to disassemble everything and re-shoot the sequence by the time we realized our mistake. We knew you’d understand!

Step 7: Hang the finished table numbers at the party!

Display the finished table numbers.

Use the bare branches of the autumn wedding centerpieces to hang the framed numbers on each table. Quite a pretty touch, if we do say so ourselves!

Fall table number on a tablescape.

For more great decorating ideas, see our post on Creative and Crafty Fall Table Numbers and Centerpieces coming up next!


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