DIY Wine-inspired Favors: From Lollipops to Coasters!

Wine coasters by Coudsdonc on etsy

Here’s a toast to the highly-popular wine theme for weddings: a roundup of some truly innovative wine-inspired favors! And not only are these ideas innovative, they are DIYable with a certain level of crafting skill. Or for the less crafty among us, thankfully some of these are available on etsy! So come along and survey the nifty gift options we found to match your wine theme.

Showcase Your Love of Wine with These Creative Ideas!

Diy wine favors ideas from wine labels to lollipops and truffles to cork key chains

1. Wine label table numbers – Okay, this may not exactly be a favor idea. But we loved the concept of double-duty labels. You could have similar wine labels customized with your wedding motif, names, and wedding date. Then give the bottles as guest gifts! (image via Groom Sold Separately / label source: Paper Crabb)

2. Red wine vinegar – Guests will surely remember you every time they enjoy a salad tossed with red wine vinegar received at your wedding! We love the bottle that this example was packaged in, with a perfect grapevine graphic on the favor tag. (packaging idea via Wine Country Occasions)

3. Red wine lollipops and 4. Red wine chocolate truffles – Now, here are two ways to really impress your guests. Go gourmet with lollipops and truffles infused with red wine that you can actually make yourself! (recipes courtesy of Sprinkle Bakes here and here)

5. Mini chairs made from champagne cork holders – These incredible doll-size pieces are fashioned from those wire holders and caps on champagne corks. Don’t they look like the chic-est bistro chairs at a Parisian cafe? (image from Martha, via Apartment Therapy)

6. Wine cork key chains – These charming wine theme keepsakes are practical, too! They’re crafted from used wine corks with ready-made key rings attached. (tutorial by Cleverly Inspired)

7. Wine accompaniments gift box – What goes with wine? Cheese, crackers, dried fruit, and nuts, of course! So why not send your guests off with take-home gift boxes holding an assortment of these treats? (packaging idea via Marry This)

8. DIY cork stamps – How neat are these stamps you can create by incising the tops of wine corks? Admittedly, these would only be practical as favors for a small guest list. But then you could actually personalize each stamp for a particular guest! (tutorial by Sweet Spot Cards)

9. Fabric wine-themed coasters – For the sewing whizzes among you, this set of 4 fabric coasters would be a cinch to make as favors! Otherwise, they’re readily available on etsy! (this set via Coudsdonc)

As if a wine theme weren’t already so appealing in itself, now you have 9 new reasons to consider it for your own wedding. Even if only to DIY such cool and creative favors as these!

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