Easy as 1-2-3: Make Your Own Lace Candle Holders!

DIY Lace candle holders

Lace for a wedding. Now that’s the ultimate in romance and femininity. It immediately brings to mind a demure, vintage wedding gown, an antique bridal veil, a fabulous train. But lace as wedding table decor? Absolutely! See how lace-wrapped candle holders bring that air of romantic elegance to your table display. Their effect is so captivating, you’d be surprised at how affordable and easy they are to make. Just follow our step-by-step procedures below, and be prepared to surprise your guests!

Materials For This Project

Materials like scissors, lace fabric, glue

1. Fabric scissors
2. Tape measure
3. Glue gun or glue dots
4. Glass cylinders (via Amazon) – varied sizes (For our demo, we used one that’s 5” high with a diameter of 3.75”) Note: You can use any size of glass cylinder, but the straight-sided type is best for easy wrapping.
5. Lace fabric (via Amazon)– available at any fabric store Note: Just be sure to select and measure the fabric according to the size and number of your glass cylinders.
6. Rosette fabric – available at any fabric store Note: Alternatively, you can also use pre-cut floral appliqués.
7. Votive candles with glass holders – 1 for each glass cylinder

Just Follow These Simple Steps

Cut and measuring the lace fabric in white

Step 1 – Measure the lace fabric first. For our project, we measured a piece 13” long by 5” in height (give an allowance of about ½ inch when cutting). Then we started cutting the fabric with our fabric scissors. Hint: Fabric scissors ensure that the edges are cut cleanly. You can find them at most craft and sewing supplies stores.

Step 2 – Heat up your glue gun and first apply glue to one short edge of the fabric. Continue applying glue to the edges of the fabric, working your way up the long sides. Hint: You can also just put 3-5 glue dots on the edges.

Step 3 – Position the glass cylinder on the fabric, then press the short end of the fabric in place. In a rolling fashion, continue to wrap the fabric around the cylinder.

Step 4 – Using your glue gun, secure the loose end of the fabric to the cylinder. Now, the cylinder is completely encased in lace.

Trim excess lace fabric

Step 5 – Carefully trim off any excess fabric. Hint: Don’t worry if the seam isn’t perfect. We’ll disguise it later with the lace appliqués.

Step 6 – Pinch the edges of the fabric to secure them neatly to the cylinder.

Take rosette fabric and attach to votive

Step 7 – Now take the rosette fabric and carefully cut out individual rosettes to be used as appliqués. You will need about 5-6 per large cylinder, and 3-4 per votive holder.

Step 8 – Attach the appliqués at random around the cylinder with the glue gun or glue dots. Be creative, and have some overlap a bit for an artistic look. Hint: This is also your chance to cover up that exposed fabric seam!

Finished glass votive holder with white lace rosette fabric

Step 9 – Check to see that each appliqué is securely attached to the lace-wrapped cylinder. And you’re done!

Ready to See the Candles in Action?

Display lace candle votive as table decorations

Aren’t they stunning? These lovely lace candle holders add a breathtaking effect to any evening wedding party. Simply group them at mid-table, as we did, surrounded by a ribbon garland and loose rose petals. And you have a centerpiece all aglow. You can even use large glass vases to make pretty lace luminaries as seen above!

Our decor tip: Set out lace-wrapped glass cylinders of varying heights and then incorporate candles (floral-embossed or plain) among them for a truly fabulous table. Too see the candles in action, see our very own shabby chic table setting.


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  1. I love this idea! It’s so easy to do, too!

  2. Thanks, Dahlia! Nice of you to stop by 😀

  3. Nice candles!

  4. What a unique idea! So easy to do.

  5. Thanks so much for this! Love it!

  6. Hi. Any idea where I can find these glass cylinders? I can’t seem to find them anywhere.


  7. You can find glass cylinders practically at any craft store. They should also be available at places like Wal-mart.

  8. This is really neat! Is there a specific type of lace to use? Is the best place to find it at a fabric store or would a place like wal-mart have something about the same?

  9. those are awsum can u do that with a print of zebra or lepard candle. or as for a decoration can you put the material on the candle just with no wick just for decoration the reson am asking a customer of mine wants me to make a candle but with zebra print no wik and a lepard print but not on the vase she wants it on the candle. but for decoration only is there any suggestions on that one i do candles i do wedding i put photos i color them i decorate with ribbons vases and lil nic nacs but this is the first with material please i would like some feed back on this project this one is lnew for me… i can b reached by email sandramqhuerta@yahoo.com i have no faceb or twitter just threw email thank you sandra

  10. Hi, Sandra — If your customer just wants the appearance of a wrapped candle (not to be actually lighted at the event), then you can certainly wrap any kind of fabric around the candle itself. In fact, if you are not too familiar with working with fabric, you can even buy zebra-print paper from crafts supply or stationery stores — and cut it to size then wrap around the candle with a bit of twine.

    Best of luck with this project!

  11. Hi, I am having a really hard time finding the lace and rosette fabric can you tell me where this fabric was purchased?

  12. Hi Sarah — This particular fabric was passed on to us by a friend. But you should be able to find something similar at any fabric store that carries lacy fabrics. Then, you might find the rosettes already in loose appliques (like small flowery patches) which you can then just glue on.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  13. I cannot seem to find the bottomless glass cylinders anywhere. Do you know of a place online where I can order them?

  14. I also am having a really hard time finding the glass cylinders that are open on both ends. I keep just coming across the glass cylinder vases (with one end closed). Any suggestions on where to buy these? Thanks!

  15. Bonnie Pridemore

    I bought some cute little wine glasses from a thrift store. There were 3 doz. in ea. box and three boxes. They charged $2.66 for ea. box. What a deal, I was so stoked. Well then when I got home I noticed that the glasses had been for a march of dimes event and ea. glass was embossed with a march of dimes saying, now what? My daughter and I were mulling it over and decided we could make candle holders out of them. I have tons and tons of different kinds of lace I have picked up at yard sales. So we thought we could glue lace around the rim of the glass and that will cover the writing up and then make candle holders out of them, sell them at the flea market or such. I did have to look up what kind of glue to use on them.
    So just thought I would share this with you.
    It has been really fun doing different kinds of things to ea. of them.
    Hope this gives ideas to others for their crafting.

  16. That is so creative and resourceful of you, Bonnie! And so sweet that you took the time to share your idea with us and our readers. Hope you were able to use the finished candle holders for a special occasion…or to sell them at a flea market, as you mentioned. Cheers!

  17. Hi, noticed you decorated the glass to go over the tea light candles. I was wondering if it would be ok to wrap the tea light glasses themselves (fully or just a small piece in the middle with pearl accent. the candle will be lit.

  18. Hi Jo! If you’re referring to the smaller glass container shown actually holding the votive candle, yes it would be fine to decorate that itself. Just be sure that you don’t use paper or tissue or other easily flammable materials. But perhaps gluing on pearls or sparkly gemstones would be safe — and very pretty!

  19. Hi Lissa, Yes, it would be the glass votive candle holder i would be decorating. i guess i just wanted to make sure that if using a glue gun – the glue wouldn’t melt from the lit candle! :/….

  20. Thanks, too, Jo! Had another thought…the heat from the candle flame will be directed upwards. So gluing small items to the votive glass itself should also be okay. 🙂

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