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Elegant Ideas for Your Own Vintage Sweethearts’ Table

Sweetheart's table ideas

A “Sweethearts’ Table” is a great opportunity for you, the newlyweds, to truly enjoy your wedding reception. Also known as a “Couple’s Table”, the idea has been around for a while, with many vintage ways to personalize the set-up to suit your unique tastes and style. However, before you start planning your own table, perhaps you’d first like to consider the pros and cons of having one. Then, if you do decide that it is definitely for you, take inspiration from our ideas below for making your “Sweethearts’ Table” extra special and meaningful.

Sweethearts’ Table: Does a Table for 2 Suit You?

Sweet Heart's Table DIY

Pros of Having a Sweethearts’ Table – Time Alone!

1. It allows the two of you to share private quality moments during the reception. After all, this is your first meal together as a couple.

2. It gives you a chance to catch your breath after the flurry of the ceremony and enjoy a proper meal…before the next round of mingling with guests and picture-taking.

3. It permits you to savor the moment, appreciate the reception setting, and see all the guests who’ve come to share this special occasion with you…rather than being stuck at the main wedding table with one set of guests.

4. It’s ideal for a small wedding because it creates a sense of intimacy. Plus, it looks very romantic, especially at a Valentine-time wedding or an anniversary celebration.

Cons of Having a Sweethearts’ Table – Less Time With Family & Friends

1. Since the Sweethearts’ Table is just for the two of you, it might not be suitable for a large wedding with more than 100 guests. It can look a bit odd or disproportionate as opposed to having a traditional head table.

2. It may limit your time to mingle with friends and family at the reception—a pity especially for those who have traveled far to attend your wedding or those whom you haven’t seen for some time.

3. If the table is not set up stylishly, it can pale in comparison with the rest of the tables at the reception.

4. The wrong kind of table can make it look like an isolated island in a sea of tables.

Planning the Memorable Details of Your Sweethearts’ Table

Ready to have this table at your reception? Here are some elegant details that are sure to make it special and memorable for the two of you:

Add lace fans, candles, and tulle fabrics.

1. Infuse a Thematic Component – Since this is your table, you can have it prepared just the way you want it. It can capture the theme of your wedding in a truly eye-catching display—as in this Sweethearts’ Table we’ve put together with a Marie Antoinette-inspired theme.

Since this motif is inspired by the Rococo style of that era, the table is decorated with flouncy and frilly touches of lace and tulle. Pearls, ribbons, and jewel accents also prominently adorn the place settings, up to the couple’s chairs.

2. Make it Ultra Personal – Whether you opt for a themed reception or not, a Sweethearts’ Table that you personally design for yourselves is so much more meaningful. Just bring in table setting and decorative elements that express your personalities and interests. For example, if you share an affinity for the sea, then have the table decorated with nautical accents.

Use decorative elements that express your personalities and interests

3. Add Romantic Candlelight – Nothing says “romance” more beautifully than a table for two lit with candles. Even just a few pretty white candles glowing on elegant stands are all you need. Pink tulle gathered to form a ruffle serves to soften the look of the table and add a whisper of color to the scene.

Vintage-inspired food for a sweethearts table.

4. Order a Special Menu – Have a reception menu crafted exclusively for you. If you both happen to be vegetarians or love exotic foods, for instance, you can name your food choices while the rest of the party enjoys the general menu. You can also have two wedding cakes prepared. The larger, actual cake can be for the cake-slicing photo and for serving to your guests; while its miniature version you can share at your Sweethearts’ Table or bring home to enjoy later.

5. Incorporate Personalized Elements – Have the couple’s chairs outfitted with your names or monograms, attached by stylish decor elements like ribbons, fresh flowers, or draped fabric. For a classy touch, you can have table linens and napkins made using the same monograms, and then lay these at each guest’s place setting. The excess, you can use for parties you’ll eventually host at home.

Make toasting flute glasses with pearlized ribbons.

6. Make a Toast with Your Favorite Vintage – Got a bottle of wine or champagne that only the two of you want to share? Perhaps it holds a special meaning for you both or is a reminder of a significant occasion or favorite place? Then, it’s time to pull out that vintage. After the wedding, take the bottle home as a keepsake of this memorable day!

Planning a Sweetheart’s Table for your wedding? Share your thoughts on how to make it unique and memorable.


  1. Olivia (2010 February)

    I’m actually going to have a sweethearts table and will be using a small bistro table. It will be inspired by a French bistro-look because my honeymoon will be in Paris! The look will be unique to the entire wedding because I want it to really stand out, while still blending in with the overall Parisian theme of the wedding. And at that, it’s during Valentines so I didn’t want to go overboard with hearts and roses everywhere! After looking at this vintage-inspired table, I might just switch!

  2. Love the glass brooch! How unique!

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