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Floating Water Centerpieces: Decorating Tips to Try!

Decorating tips for floating centerpieces ideas

Imagine the magic of water, flowers, and candles all coming together in floating water centerpieces for your wedding tables! This idea isn’t really new, and practically anyone can assemble these elements into a decorative piece. But there are certain secrets to keeping the look stylish and tasteful—as these 10 fabulous finds will show. And a final plus: these centerpieces can be major cost savers, as you can use minimal flowers and let the water and candles do the rest!

Cylinder Groupings

Once you’ve seen these towering centerpiece stunners, clear glass cylinder vases will be among your must-haves for table decorating! Just look at how they grab your attention with the clever use of varied heights, colorful fresh blooms from exotic orchids to ginger flowers to graceful tulips, and of course the ever-popular floating candles.

Decorating tips using tall glass cylinders for creating floating centerpieces

What we love about using these tall vases is that they showcase whatever you fill them with—whether bunches of flowers or single blooms, with candles or without. You can even tailor the effect to suit your theme, such as surrounding the groupings with more votive candles; adding dried branches, shells, stones or driftwood; or even tinting the water your color of choice!

Petite Containers

For more intimate tablescapes, there are scaled-down versions of clear glass vases that can be used in dozens of striking ways. You can arrange them in a row down the center of your tables, group them in clusters of 3 or 5, and use varied heights for visual interest.

How to use petite glass containers to make floating centerpieces for weddings

Single blooms, artful foliage, or floating candles are perfect for these smaller containers. And the vessels themselves can have decorative shapes like trendy cubes or rectangles, individual drinking goblets or glasses, and even mason jars in clear or colored glass.

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