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A Vintage Fashion Themed Favor Table Goes Aisle Style

Aisle style fashion theme

Get a group of close girl friends together, and the topic of fashion is sure to come up. So why not create a whole fashion-themed bridal shower, entitled “Aisle Style”? And for a truly fun twist, make it vintage! A great way to establish this theme is with a “fashion shoot”-inspired favor table. The display itself is a perfect way to present fashion-related guest keepsakes, serving as an immediate conversation piece at the event. Plus playful fashion accessories and props allow the bride to hold an impromptu fashion shoot with her guests—and have great souvenir photos for everyone to take home. Ready, smile!

Gather the Props, Set the Scene

Use a fabulous favor table to let everyone know that vintage fashion and fun are in store at this bridal shower.


Visualize the fun scene and prepare materials that will make it come alive:

1. Round “bistro table”
2. Round table cloth
3. Dressmaker’s mannequin
4. Fashion accessories – like a scarf, boa, and hat
5. A spotlight (optional, but a great, fun prop!)
6. Tiered stands or cake racks
7. Signage – colorfully painted with the event’s title
8. Straw bag
9. Flowers to suit the theme such as whimsical gerbera daisies
10. Fashion-inspired guest favors (see details below)
11. Cookie boxes or other containers
12. Crinkle paper

Find a choice spot in the shower’s venue—either at the center or in one dramatically lit corner—for the favor table to truly make a statement. For a pink and purple color scheme like this one, lay a deep purple tablecloth over the table and tie a length of hot pink fabric asymmetrically across the top. Soften these strong colors with wide satin bows in cool lilac and decor accents in crisp white.

Put Up the Sign, Dress the Mannequin


Announce the shower’s playful take on fashion with a glitzy fuchsia-and-gold sign saying “Aisle Style.” And what better way to hold the signage in place than with a straw bag filled with fresh flowers? Here, they’re a handful of summery gerbera daisies in pink.

Now, for the fashion touches. Position the dressmaker’s mannequin beside the table and dress it up with vintage-style accessories. Drape it with a long shawl and a shocking fuchsia feather boa, and top it with a stylish hat. If a real dress is available, that would be even better! Finally, stand the spotlight off to one side, as a teaser of the souvenir photo shoot to follow.

Display Fashionably Feminine Favors


The stage is set. The vintage theme is clear. All is ready for the stars of the favor table—a whole array of fashion-inspired keepsakes that are ultra-feminine yet fun!

Set up the tiered stands or cake racks on the table, and use their varied heights to showcase the different favors. Have one rack display delicate tulle purses that echo the silhouette of an Hermes Kelly bag, only prettied up in lace and pearls. Fill them with the one thing a lady loves, sweet Kisses—in this case the chocolate kind, wrapped in purple foil and laid amidst pink crinkle paper to match the color scheme.


On another rack, present dainty, rose embroidered pouches reminiscent of antique lingerie—perfect if the guests have been asked to bring lingerie as shower presents. Fill these pouches with cookies cut and frosted in whimsical wedding shapes like bridal cakes, bells, and doves. Or stuff them with fragrant potpourri or loose petals to serve as lingerie drawer accessories when taken home.


Alongside, assemble a “mini flower garden” of pomander favor bags in the entire palette of pink, lilac, and white. These may hold ’50s fashionista must-haves like a vintage-inspired powder compact, mirror and lipstick case; or petite bottles of nostalgic eau de cologne.

Don’t Forget the Sweets!


What would an all-girl party be without sweets? Be sure to have some among the favors, but presented fashionably of course. For instance, no stylish lady can do without shoes—even the miniature kind. Fill petite blue-and-white porcelain pumps with tiny candies in pinks, purples, and mauves, and display them on the favor stand.

Present nostalgic treats, like delicate white meringues, in cookie boxes dressed up in wrapping paper and ribbons and lined with purple paper. In fact, any other edible goodies within the shower’s color palette and reminiscent of the vintage era would be great additions to the favor table as well.

Fashion, Fun, and Favors—All on One Table

At any bridal shower, the favor table is sure to draw attention. This one does more than just display the guest favors, though. It sets the playful mood of the party with a “fashion shoot” set-up featuring vintage accessories and a glitzy sign—a fun backdrop for showcasing the prettiest vintage-style shower favors.

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  1. I just love anything vintage! For my sister’s bridal shower, we will incorporate a 20s Flapper theme with a fashion twist, so the ideas you’ve got here should be helpful. Those tulle purses are just so cute, too. We are planning to make iced cookies in the shape of shoes, purses, and hats. I think those purses will be great to present the cookies as favors.

  2. This is a lovely idea! You can do this too with a modern fashion theme which is what I am doing for my bridal shower. I am nuts about purses and shoes!

  3. Need help! I’d love to have a 1920s theme, but don’t know where to start.

  4. You can definitely have an elegant 1920s inspired wedding. Think of Great Gatsby as your inspiration with elegant textures like lace and pearls. A color palette in ivory and gold with touches of black! See our Pinterest board below for a start:

    from left to right: dress, headpiece, wedding cake art deco style, wedding invitations, and 1920s Wedding Shoes by Stuart Weitzman.

    1920s wedding inspiration board

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