How-to: Assemble an Apple Cider and Donut Station at Your Fall Wedding

Apple cider tables at weddings

We’ve said it over and over that autumn is the coziest season of all. So what better way is there to get your fall wedding guests all warmed up and “feeling at home” than with a food and beverage station serving apple cider and donuts! This would be a huge hit either as a yummy way to usher guests from ceremony to reception, or as a late-night snack service as the wedding revelry goes on. So to help you see the delightful possibilities of this kind of wedding bar, we study the styling elements in 6 wonderful apple cider and donut stations—so you can assemble your own!

Elements to Assemble Your Own Apple Cider and Donuts Station

As we studied each of the charming examples we found, we were delighted to note that each of them incorporated elements that you can easily source or may already have! We’ve outlined them for you below, to get you inspired to assemble your own Apple Cider and Donuts Station.

How to Assemble an Apple Cider and Donut Station at Your Fall Wedding

Display stands and props

To serve as a base for your station, think rustic furniture pieces like repurposed shelving (1) or wooden pallets, tiered stands made of tree trunk slices (2), wooden barrels holding up planks of pine (4), even a simple kitchen or picnic table (6). While if your theme leans towards vintage, you could display the donuts and drinks on an antique sideboard or dresser (3).

Easy beverage service

Since guests will be serving themselves, be sure to make it convenient for them. Have large dispensers full of cider (1, 4, 5) ready to fill glasses, cups or mugs. Or have pre-poured portions in cups (2), quaint milk bottles (3) or glasses (5) for them to each take one. Even old-style plastic gallon jugs (6) would add an authentic country look to your display.

Donut containers

To hold the sweet treats themselves, choose ceramic cake stands (1, 3), trays (4), rods to hold the donuts in towering stacks (5), bushel baskets and picnic baskets (6)!

Fall accents & decor touches

Finally, to play up the autumn look, add iconic touches like fall leaves, apples, pine cones, pumpkins, leafy garlands and logs—along with rustic-look fabrics like linen and burlap.

Other decor pieces that you could dig up from your own home could be: antique frames, chalkboard signs, wrought iron racks, burlap bunting, plaid-print runners, country quilts and fabric-strip backdrops.

With all these styling tips, aren’t you just super-excited to warm up and wow your guests with a Apple Cider and Donut Station?

Image credits: 1 – Candace Jeffery Photography, via The Knot / 2 – Amanda Dumouchelle Photography, via Wedding Chicks / 3 – Tonya Peterson Photography, via Wedding Chicks / 4 – Susan Lane Events / 5 – Stroudsmoor Photography Studio / 6 – Proud to Plan

For the ideal types of donuts to offer on your station, think fall-inspired flavors and ingredients like: pumpkin spice, apple cider, maple glaze, salted caramel, caramel apple and cinnamon sugar. Any and all of these would be delicious paired with coffee, tea and of course apple cider!

To match your food and beverage station, why not give apple cider wedding favors, too!

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