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How to Decorate a Winter Wonderland Theme Favor Table

Winter wonderland wedding table

Who doesn’t love a winter wonderland themed wedding, amidst a blanket of pure white snow? Picture your wedding reception in such an enchanting scene. The ambiance is dreamlike, almost ethereal and made for a princess, with filmy swaths of ivory chiffon fabric draped everywhere. The only colors are hints of sapphire and royal blue, muted lilac, and touches of silver and gold. And amidst this magical scene, a favor display inspired by glistening ice castles seems to have appeared out of a fairy tale!

Creating Your “Ice Castles” Favor Display

Materials to prepare: A long table, draped with yards of ivory chiffon fabric; satin ribbons in sapphire blue, royal blue, and lilac; narrow metallic ribbons; white gift boxes (approximately 80 pcs.) holding your guest favors (note: ours are porcelain shoes) housed in white gift boxes and filled with Jordan almonds in keeping with the theme of a winter wonderland; crystals tied in bunches (usually available at most décor and craft stores during the holidays); clear and silver sequins; 8 pcs. blue jeweled votives; 3 pcs. ivory picture frames; card stock and glitter to make signage; and firefly or Christmas lights (optional).

Blue ribbons as top crown

1. Make the Crown – Begin by preparing the flowing “ribbon crown” for the top of each gift box tower. To do this, combine the different ribbons and form a large, graceful bow. Leave enough excess ribbon to drape down the towers and swirl onto the table. Note: Depending on your preferred look, you may choose ribbons in a dramatic palette as we have or opt for a light and muted motif.

Stacked white favor boxes

2. Stack the Boxes – Now, you may assemble the towers. Prepare about 20 to 30 gift boxes per tower—taking into consideration how many towers you plan to have and whether they will vary in height. Then, stack the boxes so that they form 4 or 5 tiers, widest at the bottom and ending with a single box at the top. Note: Prior to stacking the boxes, you may want to fill the shoe favors inside them with petite candies, such as 5 Jordan almonds each.

Adding flowing ribbons and crystals

3. Position the Ribbons – When the towers are completed, position a “ribbon crown” on the topmost gift box of each tower. Let the excess ribbons drape and swirl downwards in a graceful fashion. Hint: These towers can also serve as magical table centerpieces at a bridal shower party with a Cinderella princess theme.

Loose crystals, as well as silver and clear sequins,

4. Place the Embellishments – Embellish the stacked gift boxes with the crystal bunches, creating the look of glistening icicles and snowflakes. Scatter more loose crystals, as well as silver and clear sequins, around the base of each tower. Hint: You can also spread sparkling diamond confetti, acrylic crystals, or even silver dragées. The key is to make the scene look festive and dreamlike—appearing almost ethereal to the eye!

Sparkling blue votives

5. Add Romantic Candlelight – Infuse some scintillating candlelight! Add rhinestone-and-silver jeweled votives at random in front of the towers. Pop a lit tea light into each one, and see the crystals and rhinestones reflect the glow! Hint: Candlelight would fit right in with the wintry look as well.

Picture frames with dreams do come true message

6. Make a Personal Statement – For a lovely finishing touch, create a fitting signage for the table. Write out the theme “Dreams Do Come True” in silver glitter on three pieces of blue card stock. Then present them in not one, but three ivory and silver beaded frames.

Your Dream Favor Table Comes Alive!

Indeed, your dream of an enchanting winter-inspired favor display has come true!

Winter-inspired favor display table

Other great touches you can include are:

  1. a guest book (winter-inspired, too, of course!)
  2. a photo of you and your fiancé
  3. your names added to the table signage
  4. a sprinkling of sparkly accents such as acrylic beads, diamond confetti, or sequins
  5. edible treats, such as champagne bubble candies, chocolate nonpareils, and buttermints in crystal dishes finished with white and silver ribbons

Hint: This favor table can also be incorporated with a candy buffet table equipped with stylish pedestal glass candy jars. Simply fill them up with your favorite blue and white candies.


  1. I think this is so pretty! Great idea 🙂

  2. This is muy bien! It would be perfect for my niece’s Quince años reception. It will be held in a hotel here in Miami this Jan.! Those pretty little slippers are also cute as her Quince años favors.

  3. This is perfect for my winter wonderland college graduation party. The boxes are perfect for my guest tables and I will also incorporate the votive candles. Just what I was going for the elegant look!!!!!!!!!

  4. Can you explain how to place the boxes because I have tried and can not get them to sit how it looks in your picture! Very frustrating!!!

  5. Hi, Heather! The trick is to actually have more of the white gift boxes filling the center of each layer as you move up the tower. That’s how you’ll be able to balance the next upper layer of boxes on top, without toppling over!

    Then, position only the outer “ring” of boxes on each layer at an angle, so that they look like they are radiating out from the center. Hope this helps! 🙂

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