How-To: DIY Wire Napkin Rings for a Fall Wedding!

Easy Napkin Rings for a Fall Wedding!

What can you create with some crafting wire and a pair of pliers? Some pretty nifty DIY napkin rings , for one thing! These are such a cinch to make, since they’re an ‘anything goes’ kind of design. Plus, they turn out looking kind of artsy, if we do say so ourselves! These napkin rings would be perfect for any fall wedding table setting (see links to some of our posts at the end of this article). But they would look equally cool on any season’s or occasion’s table. Here’s how they’re made…in minutes!

DIY Wire Napkin Rings for a Fall Wedding | A Wedding Craft by Bellenza.

Step 1: Prepare just 2 things: crafting wire and a pair of pliers.

Step 2: Cut the wire into lengths of 10-12 inches. Form a loop at one end of each length of wire.

Step 3: Pass the other end of the wire through the loop to create the form of a ring. Then, be creative and twist the rest of the wire any way you please!

Step 4: Roll up your table napkins.

Steps for Making Your Own Fall Napkin Rings at a Fall Wedding by Bellenza.

Step 5: Slip the napkin rings over the napkins.

Step 6: Add a second ring, if you wish!

Step 7: You can even intertwine the rings for a more fancy effect.

Step 8: Repeat the same ‘free-hand’ technique with the remaining rings.

Step 9: Position them at each place setting at your party!

How’s that for a DIY accent for your party napkins? Super-easy, yet definitely striking. Why not give these a try?

DIY Wire Napkin Rings for a Fall Wedding | A Wedding Craft by Bellenza.

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  1. So easy to do, which is right up my alley! The Fall leaves look beautiful with the gold wire. I wish we had pretty leaves down here in Florida, mostly it is just brown ones. Thanks so much for sharing over at Celebrate it Sunday! I hope to see you again this week!

  2. Hi Chloe! You always give such encouraging comments…thanks! About the autumn leaves, you can always use faux ones (like we did for this DIY) and get the pretty colors you’re looking for!

  3. Thanks, Susan! Fall is such a pretty season to decorate in!

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