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How to Make Eco-friendly Gift Tags Using Recycled CDs

Eco-friendly gift tags

Who would’ve thought? Those old CDs you no longer need can actually take on a whole new life—as amazingly stylish gift tags! It’s hard to imagine, right? But we show you just how it’s done with this cool eco-crafting project that will transform your wedding tokens, bridal shower gifts, or guest favors into mini works of art. Plus, you’ll be doing your bit for Planet Earth by recycling.  It starts with materials you’re sure to have right in your home (everyone has a stack of discarded CDs lying around). Simply add creativity, your own personal style, and a little crafting know-how. Then, come gift-giving time, your guests will be gasping, “What a clever idea!” Great for an art-deco themed wedding!

Supplies You Will Need to Make Gift Tags:

  1. Old CDs
  2. Used note cards, greeting cards, stationery, book plates, vintage post cards, gift wrapping paper, photos
  3. Crafting knife
  4. Glue gun
  5. Ruler
  6. Erasable marker

The key is to choose attractive artwork that will not only suit your party theme, but will make these handmade gift tags look truly one-of-a-kind!

Just Follow these Steps to Make the Tags:

Art deco inspired gift tags how to make them

STEP 1: Bring out those old CDs you’ve been meaning to dispose of, plus some eye-catching pieces of printed art. With just a glue gun and a crafting knife, these will be transformed into the coolest gift tags for guest favors you’ve ever seen!

STEP 2: Search through your collection of used note cards, greeting cards, book plates, stationery, vintage post cards, or gift wrapping scraps for those with a truly distinctive look. Just keep in mind the motif of your wedding event to be echoed in your guest gifts or favors. Hint: For a sentimental spin to your packaging, favorite photos would be perfect as well!

How to make gift tags from old CDs

STEP 3: Take a CD and use the crafting knife to cut off its rounded edges. Tip: Beforehand, measure with a ruler the sections to be cut and mark them off with an erasable pen. This ensures that you end up with 4 identical curved pieces.

STEP 4:  Select the portion of the card, stationery, or photo that you’d like to focus on. Then, glue the cut CD pieces on top of it—shiny side up and curved edges facing inward. See how it forms a super-chic frame!

STEP 5:  To complete your gift tag, trim off the excess portions of the artwork and glue the framed image onto the remaining CD (now square). Lastly, write the name of each lucky gift recipient. Now, you’re ready to adorn your waiting gifts or guest favors!

Pink wrapped gifts with gift tags made from CDs

Set off these fabulous gift tags against plain gift wrapping. Here, we’ve played up the art deco look of our tags by using old rose wrapping paper with a beautiful pearlized sheen. Hint: You can also recycle wrapping paper from brown paper grocery bags, which are often available at home. The contrast of the CDs’ shine against the brown paper will look elegantly eco-chic.


  1. Wow! I think this is a great idea. You can even apply decorations to the cd cutouts using glitter.

  2. oh my gosh! i haven’t seen anything like this! i’m planning on creating the same tags using japanese pop culture as my artwork!

  3. Wow, so colorful and different. Looks like as much fun to make as to give.

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