How to Set Up an Icicle Wishing Tree for a Winter Wedding

Icicle Wishing Tree by Bellenza

A wishing tree dripping with icicles may seem like the last place for your guests’ warmest sentiments. But that’s exactly what we’re proposing! As part of our winter-themed engagement party set (the full showcase coming soon!), this DIY accent piece makes a unique alternative to a traditional wedding guest book. And it’s actually quite simple to put together.

What about after the wedding? Well, your anniversary will always fall within the winter season. So, why not create a scaled down “anniversary tree” where you can hang your guests’ wishes and messages each year to remind you of how you had tied the knot surrounded by all that love and warmth!

Set Up a Snowy Wishing Station

The two major components of this display are:

  1. a small table or stand for the “icicle” note cards
  2. a bare section of any small tree (ours is from a coffee tree, although a piece of driftwood or some manzanita branches would do as well)

How to Set Up an Icicle Wishing Tree for a Winter Wedding // styled shoot by the Wedding Bistro at Bellenza.

On the little table, we set out an ornately carved frame all in white with a sign inviting guests to leave their wishes for the engaged couple. We paired this with a white pillar-style candle atop a metallic stand. Then, for the actual wish cards, we cut out icicle shapes from white card stock with a shimmery pearlized finish. We laid these out on the table, along with a pen glammed up with a flouncy white ostrich feather—although silver and white ribbon streamers would be a pretty alternative, too.

Winter wish tree materials // styled shoot by the Wedding Bistro at Bellenza.

To create the wishing tree itself, we balanced the bare branches (a bit precariously, we must admit!) inside a very tall glass cylinder. Perhaps in a real-life party, though, we’d advise supporting the branches with a stable wooden base or a large terra cotta pot wrapped in white fabric.

Add Wintry Wonderland Touches

A Winter Wonderland Alternative Guestbook Idea with a Wish Tree of Icicles // styled shoot by the Wedding Bistro at Bellenza.

Up close, you get to see the decorative accents we added to the display. First of course there were the icicle cards with guests’ greetings hung on silver cord. Then, we brought in some whimsical sparkle with clusters of crystal beads strung on fine silver cord then draped from branch to branch.

Sparkling accents on a manzanita branch for a wedding wish tree in the winter.

The tree itself, too, was decorated with glistening clumps of snow (artificial and DIY! tutorial coming soon!). We nestled these in the nooks and crannies of each branch, simulating the look after a light snowfall!

Make It a Showstopper at the Party

Finally, we focused attention on this accent piece with some well-placed lighting. Overhead pin lights allowed us to direct the brightness onto the sparkling snowy details, but candles and mini hanging lanterns would cast a lovely glow as well.

See what an eye-catching sight the tree makes, set up alongside the full glass and crystal winter engagement party tablescape. Give it a try and it’s sure to impress your guests!

A winter wonderland styled shoot by the Wedding Bistro at Bellenza. #weddingwishtrees

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