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Inspiration for Making Your Own Wedding Welcome Sign

Wooden wedding welcome sign

One of the best ways to set the tone of your wedding is through a welcome sign! When guests see this, they’ll know immediately what sort of event to expect. Will it be a rustic, country-style occasion, an elegant, classic affair, or a relaxed, casual gathering? More than that, your wedding welcome sign expresses your personality as a couple and, of course, tells your guests just how happy you are to have them present at this most special moment. Just take a look at these simple DIY signs you can make!

Easy DIY Wedding Welcome Signs

Easy wedding welcome signs

1 – Here come those colorful paint chips again! This time, Occasions Online uses them to make a wedding banner of the couple’s names (image: Andrew Thomas Lee Photography). You could have the letter cutouts spell out “Welcome” or “Just Married” or whatever you wish. The point is to play with the colors and have an eye-catching accent piece at almost no cost!

2 – These fun directional welcome signs tell it like it is! As soon as guests arrive, they’re pointed to the ceremony, then to the “good eats and dancing”! And if you visit the full post over at Yummy Wedding Food, you’ll see how fitting the “good eats” sign was at this real wedding. Wonder about the dancing, though!

3 – This is a fancier take on the chalkboard sign idea, found via Two Foot Creative. We love the contrast of the handwritten list of instructions for guests and the ornate carved frame, finished in gold no less! In fact, if you have three or four antique-style frames, you could create an elegant grouping with the instructions and/or greetings divided up among them—still written in chalk!

4 – For a truly charming, homemade look, it’s hard to beat colored chalk lettering on an old wooden palette! This was for an informal wedding open house, styled by Anthromollogies. And aren’t those strings of white firefly lights such a whimsical touch? Must’ve been such a pretty sight once evening fell.

5 – Okay, you’d probably have to hold your wedding in ranch country to pull off this horseshoe welcome sign. But you get the idea! This real wedding took place amidst the sweeping vistas of Colorado, as featured on Kim Olson Photography. But you could always find a material or element typical of your wedding location and incorporate it into your wedding sign!

6 – Recycled frames get a new coat of paint (literally!) and a new lease on life holding chalkboard wedding signs! Aside from extending a warm welcome, these signs could list your menu, give directions, or display your favorite quote. Ask Cynthia (from Weddings in Iowa) includes a great repainting how-to from Make Projects, but could anyone share a tutorial on pretty two-toned chalk calligraphy like this?


  1. Looking for decorative welcome sign to hang from freestanding plant hanger over small table with sign in book

  2. Hi Kathy! Not quite sure if I understand what you’re looking for. But this is the closest I could find for a ‘freestanding plant hanger’ to hang a welcome sign on (not, of course, necessarily saying “Go Away”!).


    The etsy source for this item says it’s no longer available, but you could always re-create something similar! 🙂

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