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Offbeat Idea: Using Picture Frames to Present Food

Using Picture Frames to Present Food

When is a frame not a frame? When it’s a food tray! That’s exactly the idea behind these vintage gold picture frames used to display appetizers, finger foods, or candies! Such a striking and offbeat way to add to your wedding party decor while also serving a practical purpose.

Not only that, if you take care to line the frames properly, they can become elegant keepsakes for your guests once the goodies on them are consumed! For more creative ideas on how to work these frame-trays into your wedding theme, read on.

Using Picture Frames to Present Food

Our example for re-purposing picture frames comes from our Arabian Nights-inspired wedding soiree. So you’ll notice how we embellished them further with glittered minaret cutouts and matching gold-edged tags. And the treats they hold are fittingly exotic as well: dried dates and figs, pistachios and cashews, candied ginger and orange peels, slices of goat cheese, and the like.

But you could change the entire look and feel instantly by adorning the same gold frames to suit your own reception styling:

  1. faux cherry blossoms or origami cranes for a Japanese theme
  2. raffia fiber for a rustic or eco-chic slant
  3. holly leaves and berries for that holiday spirit
  4. a scattering of metallic confetti for a New Year wedding bash
  5. dainty lace ribbon for vintage or shabby chic charm
  6. seashells and orchids for a tropical luau look
  7. fresh gerbera daisies for a cheery summertime vibe

Then also the frames themselves could vary! For an edgy modern-style reception, you could choose those made of aluminum or steel. There are even frames made of etched glass that would be perfect for a winter-time event. While frames made of rough wood, twigs or bark would suit a forest or farmyard wedding social. And a variety of miniature vintage frames would look just lovely serving tea cakes and finger sandwiches at a bridal shower party.

The list could go on and on. But you certainly get the idea! If you come up with a clever “non-frame use” for frames at your own wedding, do let us know and drop a note to our editor. We’d be thrilled to feature it!


  1. Love this idea! Such an easy way to upgrade the look of any table!

  2. What a great idea! Plus you could match the color of the frames to any decor for any occasion, perfect! I featured this on my blog today, and I’m stopping by to pin it; thanks so much for sharing at Creativity Unleashed!

  3. Thanks so much, Jessi! We always enjoy linking up to Practically Functional, and we’re thrilled that you featured our idea on your blog. 🙂

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