Oh, The Lovely Ways to Use Lace for a Wedding

Ways to use lace

Ah, the allure of lace! This intricately patterned gossamer fabric is the ultimate in feminine charm. From antique shawls to fancy table linens to frilly lingerie, think of lace as the definitive embellishment that casts a timeless appeal.

When embellishing with lace, though, too much of it can look overwhelming or even gaudy. The trick is to apply just the right amount to evoke an air of ladylike refinement. Here, see how even just touches of lace can turn elements such as wedding place settings, favor packaging, candles, and of course, bridal accessories into tasteful statements of romance, charm, and nostalgia. Lovely lace indeed!

Can lace go from the wedding aisle to your wedding reception? It certainly can. These four oh-so-easy accent ideas do just that with grace and style:

1. Table Napkins – Pure lace napkins can be the perfect nostalgic touch for a European-inspired vintage table display. In this example, each place setting features a lace napkin gathered with a jeweled satin bow and topped with a glass sorbet goblet holding candied almonds in an organza favor wrap. As an added surprise, the napkins can actually be lace handkerchiefs doubling up as fancy favors for guests to take home.

2. Favor Packaging – Pair lace with equally delicate tulle, and it turns sophisticated and sweet at the same time. These tulle purses, trimmed with lace and tiny pearls, make cutesy favor packaging when filled with your favorite sweets or frosted cookies in fun shapes like shoes or purses. To match your event color scheme, just tie a pretty ribbon to the handle of each purse.

3. Luminaries – Decorate simple glass cylinders with a band of lace and voila! You’ve got quaint lighting fixtures sure to cast a romantic glow on your tables! [Hint: The cylinders can be drinking glasses or vases. Be sure to choose straight-sided ones, though, so that the lace lies in a neat horizontal band.]

4. A Bouquet Alternative – Lace fans recall the era of lavish debutante balls and royal galas. For a wedding with an elegant vintage look, then, a fan made of lace and ribbons can be a charming bouquet alternative. Here, it’s decorated with a cornflower blue rosette, pink satin ribbons, and a silver rosary—making this an heirloom you can pass on to other brides in the family. During the wedding ceremony, you can also replace the bridesmaids’ floral bouquets with matching lace parasols trimmed with flowing ribbons to add a springtime or Southern belle (ala Gone with the Wind) touch to the occasion.

Have your own lovely lace idea for a wedding? Share it with us by leaving a comment below!


  1. I am actually having a Spanish-style wedding next summer and I want to incorporate many lace embellishments. For starters, I’m very much into vintage items so I am going to be wearing a lace mantilla as the veil. The idea mentioned here on carrying a rosary is exactly what I plan to do. In fact, I am planning on using a special rosary prayer book from my grandmother! The wedding ceremony should look so romantic in this kind of arrangement!

  2. The frilly lace fan looks so romantic! What are the different types of lace fabrics?

  3. That’s a good question! Here is a sampling of a few kinds of lace: alencon lace which is the most popular kind for bridal wear; battenburg lace is very distinct because the patterns are prominent and you often see table linens and parasols made with this kind of lace, and there is chantily lace that has a very fine appearance of netting and scalloping.

  4. I think those lace candles are so pretty!

  5. Speaking of lace here. My wedding cake will have a lace-inspired design using a color combination of pink and white with green highlights using almond paste petals. The pattern of the lace will be based on my wedding gown, which has a vintage lace pattern.

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