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Pretty Peach Echoes the Beautiful Hues of Summer

Peach bridal shower party

Picture an afternoon bridal shower party overlooking a beautiful garden setting in the summertime. The image one gets is of a sun-kissed scene decked out in fresh fruit tones—but muted and sweet to suit the bridal shower ambiance. The perfect anchor for this party’s color palette? Why, peach, of course! Both fruity and feminine, peach evokes the precise blend of these qualities to celebrate both the summer season and the significance of this happy occasion.

To best play up these qualities, we’ve put together a party palette featuring peach set off against mint green, pink, and silver:

The secret to having this color scheme work is to assemble table decor elements in these hues so that they come together perfectly—and bring your dream bridal shower setting to life!

Create A Peachy Party Palette Consisting of Green, Pink, and Silver

1. Establish the tone of your table display – As a starting point, establish the overall peach tone of your table display by laying out a plain linen tablecloth in this color. Hint: A tablecloth with a pretty floral pattern adds a nice touch, too!

2. Add some flowers and table décor elements – Then, focus attention on bringing out the color of peach further by using gerbera daisy heads, positioned on each guest’s plate and at the base of some pillar candles resting on pearl candle coasters. The innate appeal of flowers—even only a few, as we’ve used here—makes them a great way of highlighting your chosen color. You could achieve the same effect with other peach flowers like roses, calla lilies, begonias, carnations, or irises. Hint: If you plan to use flower heads or cut flowers, be sure to choose a hardy variety that can remain lovely throughout the party, even out of water.

3. Think simple centerpieces with a double-duty purpose – Complement the peach hues with a “centerpiece” of pink rose flower pots, that actually double as favors for guests. While you’d think the peach and pink would vie for attention, they actually bring out each other’s distinct tones.

4. Incorporate elements that serve as accent colors – And to pull the entire look together, bring in the other hues in the palette. Use mint green ribbons to make oh-so-simple napkin ties, which also hint at the “leaf” elements in this garden-look summer party. Set out white plate ware and candles to complete the light and elegant look; then use silver cutlery and trays for metallic hints to balance all the soft tones.

5. Don’t forget the special touches – Other ways that you can decorate the tables? Consider centerpieces made of real fruits such as apricots and peaches arranged in pretty porcelain or glass vases. You can also use beautiful wicker baskets tied with peach and green ribbons, or try dinnerware with a lovely peach floral pattern. Think of food in wonderful peach and green hues such as sorbets, frosted cupcakes, peach cobblers, fruit tarts, and even salmon and cucumber sandwiches. And finally, make your drinks a part of the decor by serving up refreshing peach martinis or wine coolers!

The final result? An utterly charming bridal shower party scene—thanks to fruity and feminine peach!


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