Put on a Fun Winter Dessert Table for a Wedding Shower

DIY Winter Dessert Table

Desserts and the holidays seem made for each other! So it’s only fitting to have an irresistible desserts table as a focal point at a wintertime wedding shower. Just imagine the spectacle of a sweets display just brimming with Christmas treats and decorated with festive baubles and trimmings. For this concept, we created a scene with a hint of nostalgia to one’s childhood days during the holiday season. Whether simple or elaborate, the point is to offer guests goodies that say “It’s a Marry Christmas!”

Add Interesting Height with Tiered Serving Stands

A display of holiday desserts
Dress up your desserts display with holiday baubles and ribbon for a fun and festive look!

Since our desserts spread is a small one, a clever trick is to add height to the display. Take a tiered pastry stand and fill each layer with your chosen treats like these:

  1. frosted cupcakes with holiday fondant toppers
  2. mini doughnuts decorated with sprinkles
  3. peppermint bark bars atop doily liners
  4. fudge brownie squares in colored cupcake liners
  5. a spread of cannolis, tiramisu, and raspberry cheesecake
  6. cake pops dipped in white chocolate
  7. mini fruit tarts made of strawberry and kiwi
  8. shot glasses holding egg nog or espresso

As a crowning accent, top the display with a bunch of Christmas ornaments and large bows of holiday ribbon trailing down on all sides. Alongside, offer guests the option to have a slice of cherry sponge cake, a glass of dessert wine, or some relaxing lattes!

Hint: If you don’t have a tiered stand, cake pedestals of different heights and sizes would work just as well. You could try standing smaller ones on top of larger ones, or even create raised platforms using boxes tucked underneath the table cloth or covered in red or gold Christmas wrapper.

Consider Treats and Sweet To-Go!

Cookies and sweets in festive ribbons
It couldn’t get any easier than this! Simply tie stacks of Christmas cookies together with bright red ribbon.

Guests may prefer to enjoy these treats at home! So, it would be a nice gesture to have selected items from your desserts table pre-packaged and ready to go or have Chinese take-out boxes handy:

  1. tie stacks of Christmas cookies with a bright red ribbon
  2. place petit fours, marzipan pastries, or peppermint bark brownies in little baskets
  3. enclose frosted cupcakes in specially-designed single serve boxes
  4. bundle up cello-wrapped caramel apples
  5. tuck iced holiday cookies into lovely sachets
  6. single-serve pie boxes sealed with a personalized holiday label

What a quick and easy way to have your desserts double up as edible favors as well!

Offer Holiday Beverages as Part of the Display

Holiday drink ideas
Aside from the tiered pastry stand, a faux cake centerpiece adds a touch of whimsy to your sweets display.

What could be more creative and eye-catching than a giant cake colored in white and red as part of this dessert table. We created this centerpiece using large-cut pieces of sponge cake, while the cake layers were sealed together using white icing!

Perfect complements to this winter desserts table would be well-loved beverages of the season! Delicious choices guests will love are:

  1. traditional Christmas eggnog sprinkled with cinnamon
  2. shot glasses of Kahlua or Bailey’s topped with chocolate shavings and whip cream
  3. chilled fresh milk served in fancy slender flutes
  4. freshly-brewed coffee made from a special holiday blend
  5. a tray serving up some warm teas infused with citrus flavors
  6. a variety of dessert wines in the spirit of celebration

Hint: For a fun eye-catching centerpiece, try adding a holiday centerpiece cake to your display. Finish it with edible accents like shapely Christmas cookies, frosted cupcakes, and white dinner mints.

Trim the Drinks in Holiday Fashion

Ideas on how decorate holiday drinks
Even your party glasses and wine bottles can get all dressed up in holiday finery!

To complete the festive look, don’t forget the glassware and bottles on display. There are so many ways you can dress them up for this bridal shower:

  1. mini scarves for wine bottles in complementary Christmas colors
  2. candy canes tied on to wine glass stems with glittery tinsel
  3. Christmas-themed drink stirrers and swizzle sticks
  4. party straws decorated with holiday flags
  5. tiny sleigh bells used as glass charms
  6. small Christmas ornaments hung around wine bottles with gold cord
  7. holiday ribbons tied around each glass stem in pretty bows

Selecting from all the above sweet treats and drinks, your desserts table can be as simple or as lavish as you wish. Just remember:

Tip #1: Add to the visual impact with tiered stands or pedestals. Improvise if you don’t have an actual stand at home.
Tip #2: Display an eye-catching and tempting assortment of goodies.
Tip #3: Decorate the entire display with holiday adornments!
Tip #4: Use food and drinks to bring out the colorful details of the table display. This is helpful when you are planning a wedding shower on a budget.

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