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Ready, Set, Wrap! Dress Up Your Centerpieces in Fabric!

Centerpiece vases

Don’t know what to do with your table centerpieces after the wedding? Here’s a solution: turn them into favors to take home! In this tutorial, we create mini arrangements of flowers and show you how to present them in the most colorful way using creative fabric packaging! So simple to create, these double-duty centerpieces not only make wonderful table decorations, but also help brides on a budget-wedding.

Materials For This Project:

1. 17″-diameter fabric wrapping – in olive green, red, and burnt orange, ideal colors for both a fall-themed and a Tuscan-inspired wedding
2. Flowers – any variety that matches the color scheme, style, theme, and/or season of the party. While we used roses for this project, you can always try less expensive blooms like carnations, daisies, sunflowers, or even wild flowers.
3. Globe-shaped glass vases – 3.25″ in height and 3.5″ in diameter

*Hint: When using smaller glass vases, 12″ organza wraps may be prepared instead. Measure one vase to check if its diameter is less than 3.5 inches. Cut a circle of paper 12″ in diameter. Then wrap the paper circle around the vase to check if it covers the globe part completely, with enough allowance to create a ruffle. If so, then 12″ wraps are usable.

Step 1: Arrange the flowers in a glass vase, tightly bunched together just above the rim for a full look. Don’t forget the water!

Step 2: Lay a 17″ organza wrap on the table and place the vase in its center. But first, be sure to check the vase for any wet spots and pat these dry with paper towel, so as not to dampen the wrap.

Step 3: Carefully gather the wrap up around the sides of the vase to form a ruffle around the rim and a pretty “collar” for the flowers inside.

Step 4: Tie the wrap in place with the matching strings provided, and finish these in a pretty bow. Helpful hint: If the organza fabric seems a bit tricky to handle, have someone hold the wrap in place, while the ribbon is being tied.

Step 5: The finished centerpiece all wrapped up—quick, easy, fabulous!

Fun Things To Try

Using the basic steps above, here are more creative ideas for wrapped centerpieces that need minimal effort but promise maximum impact!

1. Mix and match different flowers and wrap colors. The key is to use creative color combinations that enhance the look and feel of the table decor, while still retaining a simple yet stylish display. Here are some suggested ideas:

– Orange dahlias, green cymbidium orchids, or orange bromeliads for aqua wraps
– Yellow tulips or green viburnum for lilac wraps
– Pink gerbera daisies or white phalaenopsis orchids for fuchsia wraps
– White magnolias or red/green hydrangeas for red wraps
– Burgundy calla lilies, violet bachelor’s buttons, or violet freesia for burnt orange wraps
– Fuchsia peonies, peach roses or pink/yellow snapdragons for pink wraps
– Lilac or periwinkle hydrangeas or white calla lilies for olive wraps

2. Use artificial or dried flowers in place of fresh ones.

3. Assemble a combination of fruits and flowers.

4. Set a tapered candle amidst each vase of flowers.

5. Depending on the party’s theme, nestle any of the following among the flowers. The following are some great items to use:

– seashells
– lollipops or foil-wrapped chocolates
– fabric butterflies
– wrapped cookies
– a mini perfume bottle
– a card with a saying inspired by the theme
– a memorable photograph
– miniature ornaments


  1. I never thought that you could do such a thing, but I’m hooked on it. I’ll be using small glass vases filled with candy and then wrapping them in those lovely burnt orange wraps!

  2. The burnt orange wraps are great for a Halloween wedding party! I’ve decided to use them for an assortment of candy such as candy corn, ghost-shaped gummies, and purple wrapped Hershey’s. This is going to be a “bootastic” favor!

    Thanks guys for the great and easy idea!

  3. I am planning to give out Christmas ornaments for my wedding this December. Can you tell me which size of wraps should I get for a standard sized ornament – about the size of a tennis ball. Thank you.

  4. This is cute! I’d wrap some miniature pumpkins in those red wraps for a Halloween or Thanksgiving wedding party.

  5. These are absolutely cute! And, so easy to do. How great is that!

  6. beautiful! I can’t imagine this project can get too pricey either!

  7. Ah! This just gave me the brilliant idea of using my favors as the substitute for my table centerpieces. I will be gathering different sized vases and filling them up with candy. Then, I am going to use both large and small wraps to present the vases. I just luv the colors here 🙂

  8. Cassandra Ausmer

    I love this… it is so beautiful & elegant

  9. Thanks for the lovely comments! You can even use different flowers such as tulips or gerbera daisies – which I love 😀


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