Simple Rustic Cakes for Woodland Weddings: DIY Tips and Tricks!

DIY rustic woodland diy cake via Project Wedding

There are so many reasons to love a woodland wedding theme! And high on our list would be how it lends itself beautifully to presenting a wedding cake that is home-baked and hand-decorated. Feeling a bit intimidated, though, about DIY-ing your own cake for the Big Day? You need not be. Especially if you take some tips from these lovely creations we found—all delightfully suited to a woodland wedding!

Ready to Make Your Own Rustic Wedding Cake?

Rustic wedding cakes that are DIY from tall layered cakes to naked cakes to basic frosted cakes decorated with woodland accents.

1 – Tall layered cake from Pretty Chic Blog*

Tips to take away: Bake a dense type of cake, like banana cake or fruit cake, so that the stacked layers will be stable. Leave the top layer with its dome that forms while baking (looks more homebaked that way!). Display on a tree-stump stand for real woodland flair.

2 – Pony cake from My Name is Yeh

Tips to take away: Adorn a basic frosted cake with a leafy garland (this one is rosemary), a topper of berries, and a frieze of woodland creatures made of frosted cookies or fondant cutouts (in place of these adorable marzipan ponies).

3 – Naked cake with flowers, via The Knot (Emily Steffen Photography)

Tips to take away: Ideal for the non-pro decorator, this type of cake is meant to look unfinished and not all picture-perfect (though this one is certainly gorgeous!). Be generous with the buttercream icing between bare layers, then embellish with fabulous fresh flowers!

4 – Naked cake with fruit by Baked by Joanna, via Kristi Murphy

Tips to take away: Even out the top of each cake layer with a serrated knife to make them stack up neatly. Use an icing bag to pipe the frosting between layers—first forming a border around the edge, then going round in a spiral to fill in the center. Garnish with your favorite fruit!

5 – Winter wedding cake by Erica O’brien, via Project Wedding

Tips to take away: Create an enchanting winter look with clever elements like these: a garland of cranberries (strung together using a needle and thread), mini pine cones frosted to look ‘snow-tipped,’ grated coconut ‘snow,’ and rosemary sprigs as ‘holly’!

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